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Hidden tyranid warrior survives | by jon_a_ross
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Hidden tyranid warrior survives

3000 points of Imperial Guard vs. 5th edition Tyranids

Warhammer 40K battle report: 3000 points of Imperial Guard vs. 5th edition Tyranids

Annihilation mission, Pitched Battle deployment, Six turns played.


The terrain was a fallen city, already being overgrown by the tyranid flora. A main street lit by streetlamps with a number of smaller buildings just off the main road. The buildings were all counted as area terrain (difficult 4+ cover).


Tyranids deployed their genestealers without using infiltrate, which would have made a difference in the overall battle. It would have at least given the imperial guard more important targets for their first turn of shooting. In the east the tyranids deployed a hive tyrant with heavy venom cannon, a carnifex with talons and heavy venom cannon, 12 genestealers, five tyranid warriors devourers and barbed strangler and 12 termagaunts. In the center two genestealer groups were deployed, supporting a winged hive tyrant with heavy venom cannon and bonesword, twin taloned carnifex, carnifex with devourers and stranglethorn cannon with the final units being Tyranid warrior Prime leading three close combat tyranid warriors. In the west the carnifex with heavy venom cannon and crushing claws as backed up by tyranid warriors with deathspitters and venom cannon with a genestealer unit backing them up.


The imperial guard line was a mix of armoured vehicles, light and heavy infantry and heavy weapon teams. Almost evenly split east and west. Two battle tanks anchored heavy weapon teams claiming the ruins for firing points. The sentinels (scout in the west, armoured in the east) will support the infantry push forward, with elite infantry inside the chimera’s. The guard plan was to move forward to meet the tyranids before mainstreet, shooting and otherwise being active (instead of a boring, hide and gun plan). The elite infantry would intercept those tyranids that were able to get through the gun line, attempting to keep the bugs back. As a plan it worked well. It also helped that the imperial guard had one veteran player who had battled the tyranids before and was able to direct targeting priority towards the synapse creatures.



For this battle report, I have the turn order reversed. The tyranids when first and then the guard, but after finishing up to turn six before seeing my mistake I’m too lazy to go back to change it. So the imperial guard will get the final shot in the game and I’ll call it turn six(b).



(turn 1)

Imperial guard shooting is mostly towards the larger creatures with their heavy weapons. They attempt to claim as many of the big creatures as possible, making me glad that I took as many as I did. Out of the six, all of them were still standing, but two were almost dead. The chimera’s, scouts and infantry moved forward to get into better shooting positions.


Tyranids had their regeneration rolls for all of their six large creatures, but out of whole game I had only three successful rolls. The wave rolls forward attempting to close the distance. Between the genestealers and the carnifex, the scout sentinels are all wiped out. The genestealers regroup into the building, while the carnifex moves along main street. The winged hive tyrant uses it’s mass to break the chimera, but only succeeds in shaking it. The rest of the turn is just picking off minor targets.


(turn 2)

Imperial guard troops respond by pushing forward. Most of the elite troops were carried in chimera and they leap out this turn. The ogryn will charge the hive tyrant, while the guard plan of targeting the big stuff will continue. Three carnifex will fall this turn under that fire.


The tyranids will push back, with their hive tyrant getting joined by genestealers against the ogyrn. A lictor will step out of the shadows and use its flesh hooks to punch through the rear armour of one of the Leman Russ destroying it. More genestealers will overwhelm two veteran guard squads. So far the struggle is almost even.


(turn 3)

The imperial guard continue their plan of meeting the tyranids with overwhelming numbers as they approach. The tyranids are just beginning to reach through the ruins and to get towards the guardsmen. The heavy weapon teams are doing a good job of covering the advance.


The tyranids are down most of their large creatures. The winded hive tyrant has fallen, leaving just one hive tyrant in the east who also falls. The only carnifex still alive is the stranglethorn armed crushing clawed fellow in the west. This turn features the genestealers, with one group of 20 coming in from a flanking position. The genestealers who flank will overwhelm a building on the east. One more lone genestealer will hit one veteran squad, another will smash into a heavy weapon team. Two heavy weapon teams will die, but that lone genestealer doesn’t stand a chance.


(turn 4)

The imperial guard continue to push back against the tyranids. The building taken by the genestealers gets rocked by Leman Russ fire, as well as heavy weapons fire from the troops. The company command squad fails to eliminate the termagaunts, but it missed only by one. The armoured sentinels fired into the tyranid warriors, but they hold on as well. The game is rolling along faster now.


The genestealers push forward, with the genestealers hitting two new squads with their claws. Most of the other tyranids are dead, but a handful continue forward.


(turn 5)

The imperial guard push forward, thinking that this could be the final turn. They had to take out as much of the tyranids as possible to win the annihilation mission. The chimera fires into the carnifex, with the guardsmen pushing against the tyranids. The company command squad rushes into the darken ruin after the tyranid warrior prime. They slay it after taking some loses, but they are happy enough.


The tyranids have one last attempt to spring out, the genestealers attack the Leman Russ hoping to smash it. (They fail) The carnifex fires into the heavy weapon teams in the west, while some genestealers that survive will kill a platoon commander. It is getting desperate.


(turn 6)

The guard have done some of the math and added up the kill points roughly. They knew they needed to kill two or three units to win. (Four units and they would have eliminated all of the tyranids and automatic victory) The genestealers get blasted, the carnifex will fall, and two groups of warriors will feel pain.


But unluckly for the guard, the two groups of warriors both pull through. The genestealers survive. The genestealers will rush into the company command squad and will be able to win combat, causing the command squad to break and get overrun. Two more kill points for the tyranids.


(turn 6b)

The imperial guard have five tyranids left to kill in order to win the game. Two tyranid warriors hiding in the ruins in the east will face down a number of heavy weapons. The third warrior in the west will escape without any weapon fires upon it. The last two genestealers who finished off the company command will not have a chance to enjoy it.


The game ends with a score of 14 kill points for the guard, 15 for the tyranids. Tyranid victory, technically.

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Taken on January 23, 2010