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Crushing clawed carnifex moving towards the warriors | by jon_a_ross
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Crushing clawed carnifex moving towards the warriors

Full battle report here


Warhammer battle report Necrons vs Tyranids 1200 points

1200 point annihilation battle Necrons vs. Tyranids, dawn of war deployment. 4th edition tyranid codex against the 4th edition necron codex.


A necron force awakens to find their world has become infested with life. An annoying and aggressive life that needs to be cleansed. The nercon lord arose with his core troops and set an ambush. A monolith and some destroyers would backup the lord should this life force be stronger then what he can deal with.


(turn one)

The alien force themselves was a numerous horde of little clawed beasts and one larger mind leading them toward. The small horde would rush forward towards the nercon lord, ignoring the second group of warriors in their eagerness to rend the nercons. The larger one sprayed some thick acid towards the necron warriors. Three of them started to smoke, as the acid worked its way into their steel breasts. Only one falls as the self repair units are already knitting the others together.


The fallen necron gets back up as the repair units do their job. The tryanid hordes are weaving their way around a number of barriers. These same barriers were now giving the necrons difficultly in cutting them down with their gauss flayers. Only four of the little beasts would be ripped into their individual molecules.


(turn two)

But the screams of the little beasts must have excited the others creatures, as two giant creatures turned towards the necrons. Five larger then man creatures also arrived, acting with more brains then the little ones.


For the necrons however, it was the little ones that were their fixed attention. Two streams of them were flowing around the hill in the center, rushing towards the lord and his bodyguard. Before the little hordes could reach them the large Tyrant splashed more acid upon the warriors, but they were able to ignore such a biological attack with ease.


But as the little horrors reached the warriors, the nercon lord gave the signal to charge in turn. Lightning sparked and jumped between the warriors as they parried bone claws with ageless metal blades. Two warriors find themselves falling to the ground, their limbs removed. Four of the little creatures lay dead upon the ground. Any focus that they had was lost when they rushed and their fear had them flee away from the silent and emotionless warriors.


The necron lord with the cold mechanical skill of a man who has seen more years then a river holds water ordered his troops to cut down the fleeing creatures, wiping them all out.

(Failed leadership tests on the hormagaunt broods who lost combat, sweeping advance successful by the necrons because of the high initiative of the necron lord.)


Even as one of the fallen necron warriors arose, using his fellow fallen warriors head as his own the lord scanned the battlefield. Only nine creatures were out there, but another six in the distance. This battle should be quick indeed. Yet, there was something about the size of the creatures approaching that encouraged the lord to summon his support.


The warriors themselves dug into the ground they held and were prepared to push back the beasts. Fifteen yet unbloodied this battle watch as one large creature with huge claws and a weapon dripping acid approaches. The lord without a word orders his warriors to blast the original large creature. Their shots marked the shell of the creature but otherwise had no effect.


The destroyers also found their shots, for all they had larger gauss weapons, to have no effect upon the beast. The monolith, seeing the lack of success, uses it’s particle whip upon the Tyrant. The blast wounds the tyrant where the lesser weapons had failed.


(Five smaller tyranid warriors will arrive, this group with devourers and a barbed strangler. They join the first tyranid warriors who have deathspitters and a venom cannon. The hive tyrant has scything talons and a venom cannon as well as toxin sacs, bio-plasma and enhanced senses. One Carnifex has crushing claws, tusks, spine banks and a venom cannon. The second has scything talons, spine banks and a barbed strangler. The final carnifex, who doesn’t arrive on turn 3, has two pair of scything talons and bio-plasma.)


Now thirteen large creatures are moving towards the necrons. The large leader once more shoots acid over the warriors, this time two fall under its sticky weight. The one with the claws sprays acid over the monolith, but it is unable to find a crack in the living armour of the necron vehicle. The rest of the tyranid forces just run forward.


The necron force will stand fast to meet them. The gauss weaponry with its unnatural green light lashes out towards the approaching beasts. A beast with two large claws and a seed throwing gun was harmed by both the necron destroyers and the monolith, but it keeps going. The necron warriors led by the necron lord unload into the original large creature, scoring a minor injury for all the guns involved.


(turn four)

The Tryanids themselves kept moving forward. The large creatures all fired with their big guns, one necron warrior falling for their trouble. The little tyranid warriors opened up with their deathspitters and venom cannon on the same necron warriors having four more fall to the ground. The ragged line of the living was approaching the warriors.


The necron destroyers move back a bit as does the monolith. The approaching Tyranids will still have quite a run to get to them, but they are getting very close. The monolith fires into the creatures climbing upon a hill, but even a direct hit fails to kill any of them. (Three wounded) The warriors next to them blast into the clawed creature, but once again only minor wounds are inflicted. The destroyers shoot towards their target, but it refuses to fall. The warriors from their spot on the hill blast the creature that started all the trouble and finally are able to bring it down.


But the creatures are indeed getting close now.


(turn five)

One last large creature, this one all claws, arrives, while the rest move forward. Thirteen shapes remain, with the twelve that are in range all firing upon the necrons instead of running towards them. Two of the necron destroyers are surprised when the seed launched by the taloned beast explodes under them, growing quickly into a twisting vine and pulling them from the air. The same sort of pod grabs a number of the warriors by the meteorites, with another falls to a small slug like creature that was launched as part of a massive volley into them. Four warriors lie fallen, while two destroyers also drop. The necron lords own group weathers the attack much better, now that they know what to expect.


Neither destroyer is able to pull themselves together after their fall, but all the necron warriors get up. The monolith drifts toward, feeling itself indestructible and seeking to end the little creature threat. Between the particle whip and the gauss flux guns along the side four of those warriors on the hill fall, blasted into pieces. The necron warriors attempt to do the same with the large claws beast facing them, but fail to get even a minor wound. The necrons body guarding the necron lord fire into the approaching creatures, killing two for their trouble.


Seven creatures remain, all large and threatening, but perhaps not as much as they were at the start.


(turn six)

The beasts move forward, most blasting with their alien guns. The clawed giant beast melts one of the warriors under the acid spray before crashing into them like a train. The smaller creature on that side misses, perhaps because of the sheer bulk of the beast moving into his line of fire. The taloned beast with the seed pod fires his wide, but still catches the destroyer, only to have this experienced fellow escape damage. The other beasts pouring in kill three more necron warriors with their deathspitters and venom cannon.


The tusked and clawed beast smashing into the necrons had one last secret to share, the rows of spines along its back. One necron warrior gets a face full and falls, while three more are crushed between the claws. They fall into pieces to great to be repaired this battle. The great beast takes a wound from the necrons striking at hit, but otherwise it wins the battle. The fearless necrons see no reason to retreat and thus stay put, attempting to bring it down.


A total of seven warriors have been lost, while there are still seven beasts facing them. The necron lord is growing tired of taking all this damage and gestures a charge forward. The twelve remaining warriors fire into the beasts as they move forward, claiming two of them. The necron lord wounds the last one. The destroyer using his heavy gauss cannon finally strips enough of the matter from the taloned beast to finally bring it down. The monolith uses its guns to slay the final tyranid warrior, while the carnifex goes unharmed. The two scything talons carnifex takes the particle whip and has the wound.


In close combat the clawed beast is too slow to stop a warrior from blasting out a massive chunk of its chest. The rest finish it, reducing it into so many loose strips of flesh.


The two beasts that remain are not much of a problem (game ends.)


I think what did in the tyranids in this battle was the deployment. With only two troop choices on the table at the start it meant they had to pound across the table to get into combat at a disadvantage. Taking such a heavy force towards the large beast side of the scale was perhaps unwise, but with four monstrous targets if they could’ve reached close combat they would have pushed through the necrons in close combat. And once the necrons were reduced to eight people the monolith would no longer be much of a problem.


I was worried actually that the necrons were in trouble when the hormagaunts reached them on turn two. But under the 5th edition rules for close combat, once they lost with their low leadership they were in trouble. Breaking and being destroyed rather then being able to get back into the leadership range of the tyrant cost them.


But that charge is indeed something I would do again, as having the large block of warriors outnumbered and locked in combat slowing being pulled to pieces. I am also thinking of doing a rematch once I have the 5th edition Tyranid codex to see how they compare.

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Taken on January 17, 2010