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Going into Khorne turn four | by jon_a_ross
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Going into Khorne turn four

Warhammer Fantasy Battles: Chaos Daemons of Khorne verse Chaos Daemons of Nurgle

2000 points, Nurgle moves first.

Battle report can be found here


The ninth battle between my forces of Chaos. The first time Khorne and Nurgle met on the battlefield, Khorne found itself unable to use its greater numbers to surround the Nurgle team and pull them down. Nurgle would be counting on Epidemius to give the troops the extra punch to overwhelm Khorne. It also brings up a question, does a daemon of Nurgle who kills using magic count towards Epidemius? The F.A.Q. on daemons doesn’t cover it, but using the wording ‘wounds caused by a daemon with the mark of Nurgle’ it could go either way. For this battle I went with yes, and as the Great Unclean one was fielded as a level 4 wizard that would really smart for the Khorne side.


Khorne’s forces were a bloodthirster, four bloodcrushers, three groups of bloodletters, Skulltaker, a Herald of Khorne and two packs of Flesh hounds. Nurgle was three groups of plaguebearers, three heralds of Nurgle plus Epidemius, a beast of Nurgle and a level 4 wizard Great Unclean One. Nurgle will deploy in a semi-circle, with Epidemius in the middle for protection. The great unclean one would be deployed between two 15 strong groups of plaguebearers, where the beast of Nurgle would be deployed in the other spoke of the wheel facing northwest.


Khorne deploys with the bloodthirster and flesh hounds on the ends of the line, with the bloodletters in the middle. The plan is to wrap around the Nurgle bubble and push it in. Hoping to get as many flank charges as possible.


Nurgle turn one was the great unclean one walk forward to be in range for his dark magics. The three bloodletters opposite him feel the beginning of daemonic disease and fall. Khorne will move forward, bending it’s line as per the plan.


Nurgle turn two has the great unclean one walk backwards while the beast of Nurgle moves out to intercept the approaching forces. Nurgle’s dark magic will wipe out a bloodletter unit this time, bringing the Nurgle wound count up to ten. Khorne has one hasty group of flesh hounds charge the beast of Nurgle, while the rest of his force continues to set itself up for a charge next turn. The beast of Nurgle is almost slain but holds on to damage a flesh hound.


Nurgle turn three as the bubble burst like a boil on a corpse. Two groups of plaguebearers hit the approaching Khorne forces. One group strikes the bloodcrushers, while the other moves to support their beast of Nurgle under attack by the flesh hounds. Epidemius moves further down the line and away from the bloodthirster. The great unclean one is able to puke corruption on some bloodletters, before throwing up his miasma of Nurgle. Behind his corrupt stink he feels able to talk on all attackers. The flesh hounds are able to kill the beast of Nurgle before the poison of the plaguebearers rots them. The few flesh hounds that survived the attack will fail leadership being flanked and facing Nurgle’s strong posions. The plaguebearers against the bloodcrushers lose one but win combat.


Going into Khorne turn three we have Only Five remaining Khorne units facing down five Nurgle units. Khorne will be only able to get four of those units into close combat. Skulltaker attacks the plaguebearers that killed off the flesh hounds last turn. Only to find that the noxious herald of Nurgle is able to defeat Skulltaker in the challenge, and his fellow plaguebearers are toxic enough that they just overwhelm the bloodletters and the whole unit was wiped out. The unit of bloodletters lead by a herald of Khorne attacked the Great unclean one regardless of the Miasma of Pestilence. Four of them would reach the great unclean one, only the herald would survive combat.


Nurgle turn four has the magic phase see the miasma of Pestilence get recast, but no other dark magics. Another bloodcrusher would fall in close combat to the plaguebearers, where the Bloodthirsters flaming attacks are not making enough of a difference on the plaguebearers. The herald of Khorne would fall against the great unclean one. Going into Khorne turn four we see the last flesh hounds strike into the plaguebearers and get totally wiped out via poison and combat resolution.


Nurgle has a brilliant plan and has the plaguebearer champion challenge the bloodthirster to single combat. The plaguebearer takes two wounds just dying. But it also freed up all the plaguebearers to strike into the bloodcrushers, who are just wiped out thanks to poison and combat resolution. Therefore the Bloodthirster also lost combat and takes two wounds.


Nurgle turn five as the bulk of the Nurgle forces rolling up to face the bloodthirster. It will not last long. The great unclean one will get into close combat, and successfully cast the miasma of Nurgle. And the single attack that the bloodthirster gets back is not going to be enough.


Nurgle wins.

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Taken on November 11, 2009