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Bloodcrushers will move to get revenge for the bloodthirster | by jon_a_ross
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Bloodcrushers will move to get revenge for the bloodthirster

Warhammer battle report: 2000 points of Daemons of Khorne against Chaos Daemons of Tzeentch.

Khorne moves first.

Full battle report hiding here


The eighth battle between my chaos daemons. In the 1000 point level the daemons of Khorne lost to the Daemons of Tzeentch. Now with a bloodthirster they hope to reach the daemons of Tzeentch before they can blast them to pieces.


Going to do this battle report quick and dirty. The Khorne forces are two groups of flesh hounds, a group of bloodcrushers, three groups of bloodletters, a herald of Khorne and the Skulltaker. Tzeentch had two small groups of horrors with a herald to lead them and a large block of horrors behind them, a Lord of Change and a group of Flamers of Tzeentch.


Khorne starts off strong, rushing forward against the Tzeentch daemons. Tzeentch responds with a heavy magic attack, throwing most of the power into blasting the Flesh hounds, to overcome their magical resistance. Success occurs and three flesh hounds fall while other magicks kill a blood crusher. More ranged attacks will see more flesh hounds fall.


Khorne turn two has the Bloodthirster hitting a small group of horrors (and discovering that their champion standing up to him in a challenge and then using his 4+ ward to live through the attacks is bad for Bloodthirster morale). One group of flesh hounds didn’t declare a charge, as I wasn’t sure they would be close enough and I wanted them to be sure. As they got to within an inch that was a mistake. Should’ve charged. The bloodthirster screams in rage has his attacks fail against the horror and then fade out.


Tzeentch turn two has the daemons falling back. The lord of change will fly to cover, while the flamers will pull back. Magic will take out a couple of the flesh hounds and some of the bloodcrushers. Ranged attacks will take down another couple. But the daemons will keep coming.


Khorne turn three has the blood god’s sides pushing forward. A bloodcrusher will steamroller over a horror and hit the large block of horrors. A flesh hound will charge some horrors but fail to go down in a blaze of glory. Tzeentch will resume blasting magic into the Khorne forces. The lord of change will miscast again, while a bloodcrusher in close combat is disrupting the magic off the large block of horrors. Bloodletters still fall, and more fall under ranged attacks.


Khorne turn four has the bloodletters charging into combat. The flamers find themselves tied up as does one of the smaller groups of horrors. Two flamers survive against the bloodletters, while the small group of horrors is reduced to three. Tzeentch turn four has the magic claiming a number of bloodletters and the ranged attacks finishing off the Herald of Khorne.


Khorne turn five has the close combat continue. The Skulltaker and his escort have cut down the horrors, but the herald of Tzeentch stands – until combat resolution. The flamers however get cut down. Going into Tzeentch turn five, we have two groups of Bloodletters out of combat and two groups of horrors and one lord of change itching to use some magic. It works well, in combination with ranged attacks, five bloodletters and skulltaker remain.


On Khorne turn six we have a charge off the Skulltaker and his three escorts into the large block of horrors. It doesn’t work well for him, as the Skulltaker is the only Khorne daemon to end the turn in close combat. The other two bloodletters just watch.


Tzeentch turn six sees the remaining daemons of Khorne fall, victory for Tzeentch.

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Taken on November 10, 2009