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Tzeentch out of its league in close combat

Warhammer battle report:

2000 points Chaos Daemons of Slaanesh verse Chaos Daemons of Tzeentch.

Tzeentch goes first.

Full battle report also here


As this is the 11th battle report of my chaos daemons I’m going to be very rough with it. Tzeentch has a level 2 wizard lord of Change, two heralds of Tzeentch with power vortex to get more power dice, another herald with ranged attacks hiding in a block of 39 horrors, two groups of ten horrors and some flamers of Tzeentch. Slaanesh daemons will be three fiends of Slaanesh, a keeper of secrets, three heralds and three groups of daemonettes.


These two forces met at the 1000 point level and the Slaanesh side was able to just overwhelm the Tzeentch forces with their speed. Tzeentch will be trying a new approach this time and will have four units forward to meet the Slaanesh side as they come.


So Tzeentch goes first, but besides moving their Lord of Change forward to use a bolt of change into four daemonettes not much happens. Slaanesh will rush forward and use their siren call to get one unit of horrors, the flamers and the Lord of Change to charge on their turn. The keeper of Secrets will use magic to throw magic missiles into the horrors, killing one.


So Tzeentch turn two has the Lord of Change it a large block of daemonettes. The Lord of Change will be locked into challenges, with first the Daemonette Champion falling this phase. The flamers were out of range as were the horrors. Magic will have some wounds dealt to the fiends of Slaanesh as well as the Keeper of Secrets.


Slaanesh turn two has the fiends of Slaanesh hit another small group of horrors, while another block of daemonettes hit the flamers of Tzeentch. So all but the large block of horrors are in close combat at the start of the close combat phase. Which turns out badly for the Tzeentch side. The flamers are wiped out, nine or more horrors fall. The Lord of Change takes two wounds, even after killing the herald of Slaanesh.


Tzeentch turn three has little Tzeentch magic, with the keeper of secret falling to the magics off the large block of horrors, lead by the herald. The Tzeentch forces fight they are winning a combat against the daemonettes where there was five horrors and a herald against three daemonettes, but otherwise combats are not going well.


Slaanesh turn three as the Lord of Change charged by a second block of daemonettes, leaving the poor daemon outnumbered over 30 to one. Another champion of the daemonettes will fall, but the lord of change will disappear the end of combat. The fiends will find themselves fighting a single herald of Tzeentch as the rest of the horrors fade or die. The herald of Slaanesh fighting the horrors will kill the Horror champ this round.


Tzeentch turn four has very little magic take effect, but the Slaanesh herald is able to kill the Tzeentch champion fighting her. The herald fighting the Fiends also falls. At the end of the turn we have four horrors fighting one herald of Slaanesh and two large blocks of daemonettes free as well as the fiends of Slaanesh out of targets.


Slaanesh turn four has the fiends lining up to attack the large block of horrors. The large daemonette blocks will divide up, one group finishing off the horrors while the second aligns itself to attack the horrors.


Tzeentch turn five will have the fiends of Slaanesh die under magic. Slaanesh turn five has the damonettes start to march towards the large block of horrors. Tzeentch turn six will have two daemonettes die, but two horrors die as a miscast. Slaanesh turn six has the two blocks of daemonettes line up to hit the horrors.


At the official end of the game the match goes to the Slaanesh forces. But another couple of rounds are called for.


Tzeentch turn seven sees a large number of daemonettes die as the Tzeentch side as the best magic phase they have ever had. The daemonettes charge in on two fronts however and the combat continues.


But it becomes a bit of a grind. The magic of Tzeentch gives them an edge (especially as the blasting banner was unstoppable twice) but combat chews into each other.

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Taken on November 13, 2009