Bloodletters lose combat against the daemonettes

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    Warhammer fantasy Batttle report: Chaos Daemons of Khorne vs Chaos daemons of Slaanesh.
    6 Turns or so, Slaanesh moves first.
    Battle report here

    The battlefield was randomly set up, with all the pieces set on the edge using my random setup system. We have a obelisk in the south on a small hill across from two crash landed pieces of debris. It is this debris that has awakened the chaos gods and brought their eye to this place. I plan to have 12 battles here, each of the chaos gods vs each of the others both on 1000 point scale as well as 2000 point scale.

    The daemons of Khorne are the familiar 1000 point force that has already seen action against a number of moral or undead foes. In those battles they have had speed or at they were more lethal then the foes. The Skulltaker is leading his army from the group of 11 bloodletters that served him well in the past. His two packs of Flesh hounds (five and six respectively) join two 10 daemon strong packs of bloodletters, all of them having full command.

    Slaanesh has also had a successful history in my war games. At the 1200 point level the daemons of Slaanesh have defeated Dwarfs and Empire, and at the 2000 point level defeated Orcs and Goblins under the command of Dave. For this 1000 point level I removed the Masque from their list as well as one of the fiends and a couple other daemons.

    So we have two heralds of Slaanesh marching to battle. One of them carries the icon of great despair, where the other is the leader. Both are alluring and gifted with the siren song. The Siren Song will not be needed this battle and was taken more for use again other daemonic forces. (And because I don’t like to build armies just to fight one foe.)

    The daemons of Khorne feel they have the edge and deploy in a line, behind which one group of flesh hounds will sit. The plan was to have one group of flesh hounds intercept the fiends of Slaanesh while the second moves to flank against the main mass of Daemonettes. The daemonettes would be double teamed by the daemons of Khorne, or so goes the theory.

    Slaanesh has only three units and deploys them in a line as well. As the first turn goes to Daemons of Slaanesh they rush forward covering a full quarter of the table on their first move. The fiends are set to flank into the Khorne flank, while the daemonettes are aligned to hit the daemons of Khorne next turn.

    Khorne turn 1 has the flesh hounds charge off into the south, one group charging the fiends of slaanesh while the second moves to charge back into the middle next turn. The bloodletters in their line of three move forward a little bit. The little bit was important as they didn’t want to have the daemonettes hit them before they were ready.

    The flesh hounds charging into the fiends have a horrible set of rolls and fail to get any damage inflicted, but they take three wounds themselves. Worse they have a bad leadership roll and lose another 4 wounds. The flesh hounds are down by three already.

    Slaanesh turn two sees the daemonettes attempt to charge into the bloodletters, only to find themselves out of range. The daemonettes then just move forward and find themselves stalled in front of the bloodletters. The fiends fail to wound the flesh hounds this round, but even with six hits against them end up taking only a single wound in return. They pass their leadership and the game moves into the Khorne turn.

    The flesh hounds in the south are watching their fellow flesh hounds taking heavy damage. They move to support them put were out of position to charge this turn. The bloodletters attempt to smash into the daemonettes and find that the third flanking group is out of charge range. It leaves the two bloodletters that hit the daemonettes finding themselves outnumbered in each conflict, as well as under the effect of the icon of great despair.

    Skulltaker finds that the daemonette leader is the one that answers his challenge, instead of the herald. The herald of Slaanesh was deemed too important to risk in battle as she gives strikes first to the rest of the daemonettes as long as she stays alive. The unnatural speed of the daemonettes will allow them to harm the bloodletters before the bloodletters greater strength can come into play. In this case the daemonette leader was unable to harm the Skulltaker. But the Skulltaker also found his lethal headshot and his other wound both foiled by the daemonic nature of the daemonettes. With three of the bloodletters falling to the daemonette claws before they can strike the bloodletters find themselves losing combat.

    In the second combat the herald of Slaanesh can slay the bloodletter leader in single combat, but the rest of the daemonettes either fail to hit or wound. It allows the bloodletters to claim a daemonette in return. With only five daemons falling in combat the bloodletters lose both. With the standard of great despair effecting the Khorne daemons leadership rolls are already down. And with both daemon groups having a minus seven or more on their leadership because of the combat results we see rolls of ten or more seeing both groups of bloodletters just fading back into the immaterial substance from which they came. The Skull taker finds himself standing alone against the daemonettes while one group of ten bloodletters looks on. The flesh hounds will lose one of their number against the fiends of slaanesh but otherwise that combat will not change.

    The third Slaanesh turn has very little movement. The one group of daemonettes that has the banner of great despair swings around the front of the other daemonettes to ready themselves to deal with the Skulltaker next turn. Everyone else was locked in combat and let the battle rein on.

    The skulltaker is able to claim the head of the Daemonette leader he was fighting, but it wasn’t with enough style to allow him to win combat and his leadership test isn’t enough to stay around after losing. With his screams being heard across the battlefield the daemonettes reform to face the incoming bloodletters. The flesh hound against the fiends of Slaanesh also loses combat and fades from the battlefield. Leaving 10 bloodletters and six flesh hounds going into Khorne turn 3.

    The flesh hounds charge into the fiends of Slaanesh in the south, two of the hounds fall but the flesh hounds will kill a fiend as well as win combat. The loss of combat drives the last fiend from the battlefield giving the flesh hounds victory in the south.

    The bloodletters themselves are going to take hits first from the daemonettes, which leads three bloodletters to fall. In return the bloodletters get a single daemonette, which means they lose combat. Lucky for the bloodletters they score an insane courage roll and stand fast against the coming Slaanesh turn four.

    Unlucky for the bloodletters the second group of daemonettes charges in and making them outnumbered 37 to 7. In combat they lose three and score an 11 on their leadership test. The four remaining bloodletters fade from the battle field. Four Khorne flesh hounds remain on the battlefield against 37 daemonettes.

    The daemonettes line up to take the flesh hound charge. It takes a couple of turns for the flesh hounds to get there, but they do hit the line of daemonettes. One flesh hound will fall under the claws of the daemonettes, but the remaining three shall kill five daemonettes. Combat still goes to the daemonettes, but the flesh hounds pass their leadership.

    The Slaanesh then move to flank the flesh hounds, making it 32 vs 3 for this close combat phase. The flesh hounds will take only 2 wounds from all those daemonettes but will fail to harm any of the daemonettes in return. Outnumbered the flesh hounds need a good leadership roll and instead get a seven, fading from battle.

    In the end Slaanesh has the battlefield and it only cost them ten daemonettes and two fiends of Slaanesh.

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