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Tzeentch turn seven has the magic of tzeentch fail against the khorne daemons | by jon_a_ross
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Tzeentch turn seven has the magic of tzeentch fail against the khorne daemons

Warhammer Battle report Khorne daemons vs. Tzeentch Daemons

Six turns + 2, Tzeentch daemons win first turn


The battle report can be found here on livejournal


The second of twelve planned battles to see which of the daemons are the strongest, at least against each other. As the Khorne daemons discovered against the Slaanesh, the bloodletters are strong but as frail as a normal human. It allowed the faster Slaanesh daemons to cut them down before they could strike in close combat. The Tzeentch daemons will be trying a similar trick, this time relying on magic to damage the Khorne forces before they can reach them.


The Khorne forces remain the familiar group, even though after having seen the daemons so far I would remove one of the small groups of ten and use it to pad out the bloodletters supporting the Skulltaker, perhaps buy the flesh hounds up to two groups of six. No matter, the rules of the matches I’ve laid out will not allow a chance in tactics now. Skulltaker and his eleven bloodletters with full command march beside two groups of ten bloodletters with full command and 11 flesh hounds divided into two groups.


Tzeentch forces shall be one large block of 40 horrors lead by the general, a Herald of Tzeentch with the flames of Tzeentch and his Corona of flames. He got two magic smells, the spell that would let him steal magic and the firestorm of Tzeentch. As the steal magic would be useless against Khorne it was traded for the small zapping spell. He is joined by a small sacrificial group of horrors, ten in number, let by the Herald of Tzeentch that arose out of a wizards discarded experiment. The possessed barrel has the power to generate extra power dice for the Tzeentch side as well as two spells of his own. He scored the boon of Tzeentch (which would let him get extra spell dice that he alone could use) and the bolt of Tzeentch. Traded the extra spell dice power for the flickering flames of Tzeentch or whatever the standard zap spell is called.


The battlefield is the open plans in the valley were the meteor fell, with the debris in the south opposite an obelisk. The daemons of Tzeentch deployed close to the table edge towards the middle. Khorne deployed with the two flesh hounds both on the north side, planning to have them both hit the same horror unit at the same time and rip it into pieces, while the rest of the bloodletters attempt to run down the larger one.


The first turn goes to Tzeentch, who just uses it to shift a bit south while still facing the Khorne daemons. It is expected that the bloodletters will be out of range and so no magic is tried.


Khorne on their first turn will rush forward across the battlefield. Unlike the daemons of Slaanesh Khorne has both speed and strength on the Horrors.


Tzeentch turn two has the horrors shift a bit south, officially turning moving and turning back, but effectively moving sideways down the table. In their magic phase the large block of horrors will fire off their firestorm of Tzeentch into the bloodletters with the Skulltaker. They push in five power dice and are able to overcome the resistance of the Skulltaker even when it was boosted by two dispel dice. Bloodletters fall and one horror is born out of the fires. He arrives towards the center of the bloodletter line. Strategically placed as to stop the bloodletters from marching. It is hoped that by slowing up the bloodletters the daemons of Tzeentch will have more time to pound them with magic.


The herald of Tzeentch manages to pull off the same trick, this time with his three dice showing two sixes. Four bloodletters drop generating another horror. This one is placed on the other side of the bloodletters. There he will slow up the flesh hounds for a bit.


All the other magic and ranged attacks of the Tzeentch side fails or is out of range.


Khorne turn two will have more moving forward on the Khorne side. No move is made to turn around and deal with the horrors that popped up, judging that turning around to deal with them will take at least two turns (turn around, charge) and that time is better spent hunting down the large block of horrors. The Khorne daemons will start to cross the midpoint of the battlefield. The flesh hounds will attempt to charge the horrors but discover they are out of range (not a surprise really) and they move forward towards the horrors anyway.


Tzeentch turn three has the horrors continue their slow shift south, with one of the two generated by the firestorm will charge the Skulltaker’s unit. The hope behind that is that the horror will survive against the single bloodletter and thus tie up the Khorne unit further.


For magic we have another firestorm of Tzeentch succeed, this time against the higher magical resistance of the flesh hounds. Another horror is generated in the blast and this time he positions himself between the flesh hounds and the block of ten horrors. He will not live but perhaps he can buy more time for the horrors.


As for the horror that launched his attack against the bloodletters, he fails to survive the turn against the bloodletter, who quickly cuts him down. 50 points to Khorne for that act.


Turn three for Khorne has the flesh hounds succeed in their mission. One group of flesh hounds hits the small group of horrors of Tzeentch, while the single horror who was trying to buy time will be charged as well. The rest of the Khorne forces walk forward, planning the death of the cowardly magic users.


The single horror doesn’t slow the flesh hounds down much, they punch through him but fail to get an overrun distance that is great enough to land them in combat against the group of ten. That group of ten horrors loses three outright to the claws of the flesh hounds and then another three on the leadership roll for losing combat. No flesh hounds were harmed.


Tzeentch turn four gets desperate. Two blasts of magic into the daemons of Khorne generate one new horror and several fallen bloodletters. The flesh hounds however ignore or shake off any attacks made against them, giving them a clear run into the large block of horrors.


On Khorne turn four two charges are declared. One is the four flesh hounds into the large block of Tzeentch Horrors. The second is one group of bloodletters into a lone horror that has appeared in front of them. The other flesh hounds remain in combat against the Horrors of Tzeentch and the power battery Herald. All the other Khorne forces walk forward itching for combat.


The flesh hounds against the small horror group take down the remaining horrors, the herald is able to score a single wound against the flesh hounds before he fades from the battlefield for losing combat. The flesh hounds will reform and point towards their next target.


The four flesh hounds that hit the large block of horrors will kill only two, allowing the horrors to win combat and cause two of the flesh hounds to fade from the battlefield in shame. The ranked up, outnumbering and equipped with a standard horrors felt good about that. The downside is that all but one of the spells they know are magic missiles and cannot be cast while in close combat.


The bloodletters take down the lone horror with ease and move to support their flesh hounds.


It comes to Tzeentch turn five and the magic phase is all that Tzeentch has to win. They manage to get off the gift of Chaos, targeting all Khorne units with 12 inches of the horror casting the spell. All of the Khorne units will be effected. However, one flesh hound remains in close combat against the horrors, blocking their other magics. With one exception that is. The horrors are carrying the standard of blasting, a bound magic with a power level of 3. The Flesh hounds have three dice to roll against a three and without thinking I roll all three dice. Only when two ones shows up on the result and the spell goes through do I think about how perhaps I should have rolled less dice. Regardless the standard hits the flesh hound with enough blows to wipe it off the battlefield.


Freed from close combat the Herald of Tzeentch gets to blast into the approaching bloodletters, killing another couple between his magic phase and the shooting phase.


It isn’t enough to stop the daemons of Khorne. On their turn five all of the remaining Khorne forces charge the large block of horrors. The flesh hounds and others will be able to kill four horrors, while the Skulltaker will behead the horror leader. The horrors start to fall apart under all that stress, but they pull through with enough horrors to be able to cast the gift of chaos spell next turn.


Tzeentch turn six sees the horrors still tied up in combat against eleven horrors and three flesh hounds. They manage to pull off the gift of chaos spell blasting a number of the bloodletters into pieces. Close combat also goes the way of the Horrors, none of them fall against the daemons of Khorne this round (the 4+ ward save thanks to the herald helps).


Khorne turn six sees the Skulltaker, one Bloodletter champ and three flesh hounds continue to grid into the horrors of Tzeentch. Khorne will fail to slay the herald and the daemons of Tzeentch will pull through.


I kept playing as everyone was locked into close combat, just to see who would be the eventual winner.


The Horrors of Tzeentch will get off their gift of chaos spell one more time (before they drop too low in power level with their losses) wiping out most of the remaining bloodletters. That will be the last spell that works for the daemons. The back and forth of close combat will see the Khorne take down the herald in the close combat against Skulltaker, and once that happens the horrors drop off much faster. But one bad round of rolls for the Skulltaker and the three flesh hounds will allow the horrors to win combat again and a high leadership roll will cost the remaining daemons of Khorne their existence on the battlefield.


In the end 21 Horrors of Tzeentch will stand on the battlefield alone, after about eight turns or so of battle.

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Taken on November 5, 2009