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With two flesh hounds down they will still be able to outflank

Battle report can be found here


Warhammer fantasy battle report: Daemons of Khornes vs Tomb Kings

1000 points, five turns with daemons of Khorne having the first move.


The battlefield was set up for the last battle of Tomb Kings vs. Vampire Counts, as recorded here

And the tomb kings got the same side to deploy and put their troops into the same defensive position that worked for them last time.


The tomb kings used 19 spearmen with a prince leading them, the lich priest will be deployed up on a rocky hill with 19 archers. The screaming catapult will be next to the rocky hill, it’s side defended by the spearmen. The ushabti will defend the other side of the archers.


The daemons of Khorne bring the Skulltaker leading a group of 11 bloodletters with full command, two groups of ten bloodletters with full command and two packs of flesh hounds. This force has successfully slain ogre kingdoms and the zombie hordes as well. Now it faces the tomb kings.


The daemons of Khorne have the first move and start ripping across the battlefield towards the tomb kings, crossing almost a quarter of the table in their first turn. The difficult terrain and obstacles slow down the flesh hounds but they still make excellent distant towards the tomb kings.


On the tomb king first turn, the skeletons know they are in trouble. The archers rain arrows down on the flesh hounds but only manage a single wound. The screaming catapult is wide and the magic of the tomb kings is foiled by the daemons.


With the energy all in the hands of the daemons their second turn starts strong. The flesh hounds charging up the side are able to get into close combat against the ushabti. In that close combat one ushabti will fall while another is reduced to a single wound. Two flesh hounds will also die, one wounded from the archers arrows but combat goes to the flesh hounds. Leadership tests are passed but the tomb kings line is showing weakness.


The tomb kings start their second turn knowing they are in trouble. The tomb prince gives up a brief oath to his dark gods and rushes the daemon Skulltaker. The screaming catapult will land a blow onto the flesh hounds supporting skulltaker killing two. The archers will fire their arrows into the approaching bloodletters, hoping to slow them down. But the daemons are not phased by this.


Skulltaker is wounded by the tomb prince, but gets to strike back. The tomb prince manages to get out of the combat with his head mostly because I forgot until I started typing this sentence that skulltaker can kill on a five or six not just a six. Regardless, the prince takes two wounds after his saves but keeps standing. His spearmen are able to kill another daemon while the daemons attacks themselves miss or fail to wound his skeletal legion. Leadership avoids any more loses for the daemons. The ushabti are in trouble, as the flesh hounds drag down another one of their number. They are also able to pass leadership.


Daemon turn three has the flesh hounds joining the combat against the tomb prince with their flanking attack. The other two bloodletter units are marching forward as best they can. Combat will be quick and ugly, with the last ushabti falling after killing one more flesh hound. With more flesh hounds hitting the side of the spearmen, the tomb prince will die to the Skulltaker. With his demoralized spearmen getting only one attack that hits and it fails to wound. They lose combat badly and have only four spearmen left standing at the end of the turn.


At the start of tomb king turn three we find only 19 archers on a hill with a lich priest looking over a single screaming catapult and four spearmen trying to hold their own against a force that outnumbers them three to one. The lich priest will be unable to summon enough magic to help them this turn and the arrows will strike true against the bloodletters but still too many will remain. The Skulltaker takes the spearmen’s champions head as the flesh hounds rip the other three skeletons to pieces with some good rolls on the two that could attack.


With daemon turn four starting up and no daemons in close combat anymore charges were the order of the day. The flesh hounds are found to be in reach of the archers on the hill, even after losing half their movement for going over an obstacle. The bloodletters were not so lucky and are out of charge range just climbing up the rocks. Skulltaker doesn’t want to get in the way of the flesh hounds charging the screaming catapult and orders his men to march (finding out that he was over 8 inches away and can do so). The tomb king line is crushed and will fall soon enough.


In close combat the flesh hounds climbing the rocks take no damage from the archers, but only can kill three of them in return. A bad leadership roll takes out more of the archers. The screaming catapult crew lose themselves against the flesh hounds, falling to pieces before the war machine which is then lost as the flesh hounds over run.


With the only remaining tomb king unit in close combat their turn 4 goes fast. Magic fails to help them out with an extra attack against the flesh hound (as it is countered) and the archers survive the flesh hound attacks.


Only with daemon turn five seeing the bloodletters climb the rest of the way over the rocks and into charging the daemons on the hill. The battle is ugly, with the final results being the lich priest and two skeletal archers standing. With combat lost the tomb kings fail to make leadership and the lich priest is now alone against all those daemons.


On the tomb kings turn five the lich priest alone fights against the daemons, losing and falling. The game in five turns goes to the daemons of Khorne, who suffered minor loses in the end.

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Taken on November 1, 2009