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Nine of the leadbelcher shots wound against the bloodletters of khorne | by jon_a_ross
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Nine of the leadbelcher shots wound against the bloodletters of khorne

Battle report can be found here


Battle report: Daemons of Khorne vs. Ogre Kingdoms.

Six turns, daemons deploy first, ogres get first turn.


Another small, 1000 points on 1000 points battle. This time we have the daemons of Khorne fresh off their victory over the zombie hordes of the vampire counts facing down the mad ogre leader Smashzap the wizard.


The daemons of Khorne this time will be lead by the herald of khorne Skulltaker. Skulltaker costs as much as my last herald of khorne but has some special powers that make up for his lack of universal hatred being shared with his unit. 11 bloodletters with a full command shall join him, as well as two groups of 10 bloodletters and two groups of flesh hounds rounding out the daemons of chaos force.


The ogre kingdoms are lead by the mad (and stupid) Smashzap, a maneater ogre that has learned magic while travelling through the human lands and returns to gather up an ogre force to carve out his empire. Smashzap himself is a bruiser, with a huge weapon and some magical toys that in this coming battle help him not at all. Seven other bull ogres with a full command join him, as well as 31 gnoblars lead by a groinbiter. Three leadbelchers and three yhetee round out the ogre strike force.


This battlefield is also sparse in terrain, as the 3 to 6 pieces of terrain suggested by the rulebook is being followed for a while. In the north a small grove of trees face the famous always around monolith. In the south a fallen pair of statues mark the battlefield. The ogres put their two units of three in the south and the larger units in the north. Two bloodletter units square off against them, with two groups of flesh hounds placed in the south with a further unit of bloodletters deployed beyond them.


The ogres move first and carefully shift forward. The leadbelchers and the yhetee move into the shelter offered by the fallen statues. The bull ogres lead by Smashzap pass their leadership and choose to head forward carefully. The gnoblars have to run to keep pace with the bull ogres. The ogres were aware that a full rush would be met by a charge off the flesh hounds of khorne.


On the daemons of Khorne first move we have an equal carefulness of position. Half the flesh hounds move to flank charge the bull ogres, while the bloodletters move to line up with the two units in front of them. In the south the bloodletters and flesh hounds rush forward to get into a position to attack the leadbelchers.


The battle lines are about to meet.


On the second ogre turn the bull ogres are able to pull themselves together and charge the bloodletters, as can the yhetee against the flesh hounds in the south. The leadbelchers open up with their cannons against the bloodletters. Less then half of the shots hit the bloodletters, but amazingly nine wounds are scored. Then even more impressively five of those wounds are saved by the daemons of khorne.


The initial losses are on the daemon side. A flesh hound falls to the yhetee attacks and three daemons of khorne are crushed under the bull rush of the ogres. More bloodletters fall under the clubs of the ogres but Smashzap faces up against Skulltaker and loses his head. Even with Smashzap dead the daemons lose combat but pass their leadership test. However, the breaking of the daemon line that was needed by the ogres failed.


The second daemon turn has the daemons pushing their numerical advantage. The yhetees are charged by the bloodletters, and the bull ogres are charged by more flesh hounds. The gnoblars are charged by the bloodletters but instead of panicking they manage to pass their leadership test.


The combat goes badly for the ogres, with the bull ogres breaking under the pressure of daemons and fleeing (chased by both the flesh hounds and the daemons of khorne) but they are caught and destroyed. The gnoblars once again past their leadership test to deal with the panic caused by the bulls being lost. The gnoblars even win combat against the bloodletters. However the yhetees lose combat against both the bloodletters and flesh hounds, breaking and fleeing. The yhetee flee over the difficult terrain leaving the flesh hounds behind (and losing the bloodletters to the difficult terrain. A mistake on my part, as the bloodletters shouldn’t have been lost in the difficult terrain, they should have stopped before it.)


But as the game goes into ogre turn three we have gnoblars struggling against the bloodletters, the yhetee fleeing across the battlefield and three leadbelchers looking into their empty weapons with no small level of concern. Two groups of Flesh hounds and two groups of bloodletters have only two small groups of ogres left to deal with.


The leadbelchers choose to reload their cannons instead of moving. The yhetee keeps fleeing but remain on the table this turn. The gnoblars are a surprise this turn. They lose only two of their number to the bloodletters. And while they were unable to harm a bloodletter in combat, the bloodletters lose combat and three of their number.


The daemons on turn three position to chase down the few ogres remaining. The gnoblars look over and see a second group of bloodletters coming to charge them. Two groups of flesh hounds move to charge the ogre leadbelchers. The battle will move faster here.


The gnoblars lose combat against the bloodletters, breaking and being run down. This brings the battle at the end of the third daemon turn to being one fleeing yhetee and three leadbelchers.


The leadbelchers move back a bit and fire their cannons into the closest flesh hounds. They are now in a battle to survive. The leadbelchers are successful in eliminating the flesh hounds. Now they have to face down only three more units of daemons of khorne.


A brief dance will occur with the flesh hounds running towards the leadbelchers. The leadbelchers want to take a moment to reload their cannons but cannot afford to catch a charge on the side either.


In the end the leadbelchers will be able to load their cannons on turn six and fire the cannons into the charging flesh hounds on daemon turn six. It isn’t enough to stop the flesh hounds this time and the leadbelchers end the game locked in combat. No turn seven was needed as this match wasn’t even close.

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Taken on October 28, 2009