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Both cats very comfertable with their closeness

Some cat pictures getting the rare moments of piece and the vague hope for a future with tolerance.


Danya, our long haired brown tabby cat, does not like other cats.


It may come from the fact that Danya is stranger to the two sisters she shares the house with are bonded and not accepting of her at all. Or it could be she just wants to be top cat at any price.


Loki, our grey cat, is the sister to Freya. She is also the most passive of our cats. She rarely attacks the other cats and when she does so it often appears to be the start of a game.


Of course this means she is the lowest ranked cat here and why Danya was able to curl up with her. Danya can approach Loki without fear, but Loki cannot approach Danya.

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Taken on August 16, 2009