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A pack of Flesh hounds of Khorne seek to rip a chimera to pieces | by jon_a_ross
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A pack of Flesh hounds of Khorne seek to rip a chimera to pieces


The first three battle reports in the Whispers of Zarrzang on Livejournal


Daemon Turn 3

The rest of my daemons arrive. A bloodthirster will land in the north behind the Leman Russ and the Chimera. The Daemonhost (taken for story reasons) will arrive near the pair of them as well (bait for the lascannon turret too). The pack of 11 Flesh hounds will land on target next to the icon in the hands of the Bloodletters and then charge off to attack a chimera. The lord of change will move towards the center blasting a heavy weapons team out of existance. The horrors of Tzeentch in the south will make a rush for the daemon sword objective. The soul grinder shall blast into the guardsmen center acting as a strong fire support platform. The second soul grinder will continue to assault the base. The lone flamer will attack the group in the middle hoping to eliminate some of the guard leadership. The bloodthrister and the daemonhost will both charge the Leman Russ, breaking it and allowing the Bloodthrister to move into the ruins on his follow up move. Three objectives held to one guard at the end of this turn. The horrors on the landing pad will finish off the last of the guardsmen there and control it without doubt. The flesh hounds will explode the chimera taking out one of their number before funneling down the passageway. --The rules are unclear as to if units can just climb over the walls. Reading through the book after playing I get the impression that climbing over the walls counts as difficult terrain (2d6 movement take the highest die - but strike last in close combat if you charge) but they do not state it clearly anywhere.--

Guard turn 3

The guardsmen in the north turn to deal with the bloodthrister and are almost successful. The Stormtrooper squad inside the chimera disembarks and blasts the bloodthrister with their meltaguns. The lascannon sentinels in the area move to blast him as well. The chimera also gives it the best it has. The result is that the bloodthrister is down to a single wound but still alive. The daemonhost has gone unharmed so far. The horrors control the landing pad still and were left unattended this round. In the center the guardsmen finish off the lord of change with a volley after volley of lasgun fire. The Greater daemon will take everything they have to finally fall when the chimera who was originally tasked with getting the flesh hounds turns the turret to fire the heavy bolters. Almost got to battle the Psyker in close combat, which would've been sweet. The flamer in the middle was rushed by the Lord Commissar hoping for a quick kill. The flamer was able to survive the first round of combat without harming the lord commissar. The bloodletters will be able to kill the sentinel this round using their victory to move towards the center.

Daemon turn 4

The daemons are feeling the losses, but luckly it seems to be trading one daemon unit for two guardsmen units and slowly the daemons are pulling ahead. The soul grinder stuck in the middle will blast at the lascannon sentinels, killing two of them. The daemonhost will assault but fail to harm the chimera in the north. The bloodthrister will assault the command squad, killing four of them. The fifth, the platoon commander, shall actually slay the greater daemon in close combat. Promoted on the spot that hero of the empire was. The horrors on the landing pad shall reduce the storm trooper squad to only three. Not quite a complete wiping out, which is what I had hoped for. In the middle the flesh hounds continue to weave through the walls and assault a heavy weapons team, ripping them to pieces. I believe under the rules I could have assaulted the Primaris Psyker as well, but I wasn't sure and didn't feel like calling it at the time. I still haven't read up to make sure that it would be legal. Different editions and different rules etc. The bloodletters attack through the walls and kill off the platoon command squad in the center as well. The soul grinder attacks the bastion and manages to break every single fixed weapon but leaves the base free to fire their snipers into the bloodletters next turn. The objectives are back to two and two.



The daemons of Zarrzang (a daemonhost breaking free from the control of the inquistor who captured him) have to take control of the artifacts that will restore Zarrzang to full daemon prince status. This is the third battle at the whispers of Zarrzang. So far the score is one one going into this battle. A five objective 2500 point Planetstrike game of Daemons of Chaos vs Imperial guard.

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Taken on July 21, 2009