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The chimera moves to deal with the lord of change | by jon_a_ross
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The chimera moves to deal with the lord of change


The first three battle reports in the Whispers of Zarrzang on Livejournal


Guards turn 1

For the guards first turn luck was with them. All of their reserves arrived at once, one on the long edges, two on the north edge and one to the south. A fear Stratagem caused a handful of the guardsmen squads to go to ground, giving the daemons a chance to get closer. However, with the Chimera's loaded with Storm Trooper squads and two Leman Russ the main counter attack could begin. The soul grinder drew a large volume of fire in the south, weapons fire that resulted in having one of it's dreadnought close combat weapons blown off. The bloodletters to the north at the ancient ruins were quickly blasted to pieces. In the south the bloodletters would lose half their unit to gunfire. This counter attack would include the storm troooer squad who just rode in. However, the icon bearer would live and with him two more daemons would arrive safety. The Leman Russ battle cannon would miss, landing on a heavy weapons team. The flamers would lose two more of their number that were intent on pushing inwards.

Daemon turn 2

Daemon turn two sees two large groups of horrors arrive to the battle. One group would deepstrike onto the landing pad (which as far as we could see wasn't against the rules). The other would drift very close to the guardsmen in the middle (instead of out to the south east corner were they were aimed). Being so close to the guardsmen would cost a number of the daemons their lives, but the squad was large enough to survive all the weapons fire against them once with six survivors. The Soul grinder of Tzeentch was able to charge and kill the Leman Russ tank in the South, while the second soul grinder would begin it's long attack on the bastion trying to crack it open. The bloodletters in the south will rush the sentinels hoping to break them. TWo have their weapons destroyed while the third is killed outright, but it will take a number of turns more before the two sentinels are dragged down and finished off.

Guard Turn 2

For the guardsmen second turn no more reenforcements would arrive. From now on they would just be pushing back at the daemonic invaders with the troops on the ground. In the north the Leman Russ rolls forward and continues to blast at the soul grinder. A partial success would result in the soul grinder becoming immoblized on this turn. More attacks on the flamers will reduce them to a single model out of the six I brought. The group of 20 horrors would take a pounding, being reduced to only six from the combined firepower of the troop squads and Primaris Psyker (Who never failed a test this whole game). The Lord of Change would take a beating as well, but it would still be going at the end of this turn. The last action of note was the master of ordnance called down a strike on the landing pad hoping to drive off that large daemon squad. It failed and in fact lands on the missile launcher team guarding the base eliminating them to a man.




The daemons of Zarrzang (a daemonhost breaking free from the control of the inquistor who captured him) have to take control of the artifacts that will restore Zarrzang to full daemon prince status. This is the third battle at the whispers of Zarrzang. So far the score is one one going into this battle. A five objective 2500 point Planetstrike game of Daemons of Chaos vs Imperial guard.

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Taken on July 21, 2009