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Soul grinder lands close to the landing pad


The first three battle reports in the Whispers of Zarrzang on Livejournal


Deployment and Daemon Turn 1:

The daemons of chaos launch the attack to control the artifacts with blasts of dark energy falling out of the sky. Six blasts (the lowest I could have got) land but are able to successfully kill one whole unit and pick of one more stray guardsmen.

In the daemons opening wave two groups of 12 bloodletters with leader and icon arrive, supported by two soul grinders, two groups of three flamers and Beaker the lord of Change. Beaker is lost in the warp after a deep strike mishap and one of the soul grinders is claimed by the automatic defenses in the shape of a lascannon. Other then that the daemons are happy with how the first turn goes.

Each bloodletter team was able to land close enough to a guardsmen squad to take it out. The soul grinder was out of range of charging the heavy weapons team guarding the South East corner, but tried take them out anyway. One group of three flamers was reduced to a single model, who's flames of change killed one quad gun but did no other real harm. The second group of three was just as successful harming only a single heavy weapons model with their blasts. The group of Bloodletters that charged the acient ruins had the Minefield stratagem played on them incorrectly (they didn't run) but by playing that it caused them to lose three members of their unit to the guardsmen striking first.

All in all however, the daemons were happy with out the first turn happened.


The daemons of Zarrzang (a daemonhost breaking free from the control of the inquistor who captured him) have to take control of the artifacts that will restore Zarrzang to full daemon prince status. This is the third battle at the whispers of Zarrzang. So far the score is one one going into this battle. A five objective 2500 point Planetstrike game of Daemons of Chaos vs Imperial guard.

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Taken on July 21, 2009