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The daemons are attempting to push the guardsmen off their own objective

In the early turns the daemons arrived around the guard and tried to push inwards. The greater daemon beaker was able to have a strong first firing phase, turning one guardsmen into a spawn and killing another handful with their blasting. One unit of five horrors was lost to a deepstriking error, where the other drifted very close to the guardsmen. The horrors were not able to do much damage before they were rushed by the HQ command squad. These two units would be locked in close combat against each other for the next six turns (between the daemons and guard turns anyway). The soul grinder will do nothing serious before being blown to pieces by a blast from the Leman Russ. The bloodletters arive in two waves at the back of the field. The first wave gets reduced to half, but their icon remains to bring in three flamers. These three flamers will arrive to avenge the loss of their two brethern who also arrived on that flank. Between the six flamers (four of which will die before the end of turn three) and the 12 bloodletters (ten of which will also be dead before the end of turn three) they will be able to kill one heavy weapons team and two ten men squads.

The greater daemon will get roughed up by so much weapons fire he will be down to a single wound. The chaos spawn that was summoned took much of the small arms fire before falling itself. However, the greater daemon's second turn was far less impressive with it failing to hit the leman russ battle tank to damage it.


The first three battle reports in the Whispers of Zarrzang on Livejournal


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Taken on June 26, 2009