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Danya staring down at Loki | by jon_a_ross
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Danya staring down at Loki

Loki is quite jealous of all the attention Danya can get, even though Loki herself doesn't like to sit on people's laps. This means that when Loki can she will drive Danya from a room. She tried it here in the computer room but Danya got to high ground instead of leaving.


Danya is our newest cat. We got her from a street cat rescue society who warned us that she had been raised by a feral cat colony and would be very shy around people.

In fact when we got her the only thing shy about her a month later was she didn't want to be touched. She much prefered to be near humans instead of the other two cats. After a couple of months she started to bump up against us when she wanted something. From there a month later we were able to pet her with our feet. (Not our hands which were still very scary)

A month after that we were able to use our hands as long as she didn't see them touching her. Then she became willing to let us pet her openly. Then she was shaved to deal with some matts in her hair. After that she was more then willing to sit in our laps (most likely for the warmth)

In summer now and with her hair about half way grown back she isn't as likely as to sit on your lap but she remains a very lovely cat.


Loki is our gray cat and the sister to Freya. A shy cat who we thought would be the first to bond with Danya out of a need for companionship. Instead Loki was the most agressive against Danya, which in turn chased Danya to defend herself and to this day Danya and Loki still trade shots. They are not blood enemies but not too happy to bump into each other.

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Taken on June 12, 2009