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The plague marines live their building to get some more action

A raiding force of Nurgle space marines seeks a treasure from the ruins of Zarmic. A small patrol of space marines have been chasing them and they finally catch them here. The space marines deploy in four groups, two missile launcher groups deploy in the ruins towards the middle. They will be supported by the librarian at first. In the middle in the ruins the second group of space marines will deploy. Both are five man groups with a flamer and a sergeant. The plan was to use the missile launchers to keep one group of chaos marines pinned while the second group finishes off the plague marines and moves forward under their cover fire.


The nurgle forces deployed one group of seven plague marines (armed with two plasma guns) in the four story building. The chaos sorcerer deploys at the base of the building, trusting to the plague marines to give him covering fire. The second group of plague marines with two meltas deploy in the forest overlooking the temple.


The space marines move first, starting the first volley of missiles into the building that will go without harming any of the plague marines. The two groups of marines in the ruins will pick their way towards the edge to hunt down the plague marines. No gunfire this turn claims any chaos forces.


The chaos marines in the forest move forward and their own bolters do claim a space marine. The chaos sorcerer moves forward under the cover of the plague marines in the building, who discover they are out of range of any of the space marines.


The space marines then move forward to hunt down the plague marines in the forest. They discover that they are out of charge range of the plague marines, but under the combo of bolt gun and bolt pistol fire a plague marine falls. The other group stays put and fires at the plague marines in the building once more. A unit of terminators teleport in to ambush the chaos sorcerer. They are unable to get through the terminator armour that protects the wizard.


The chaos forces get their own terminators who teleport in, drifting forward of their target point but not into danger. The plague marines rush forward to deal with the space marines hunting them. Between the bolt pistols and the charge the plague marines are able to kill all but one of the space marines. The sarge will claim one of the plague marines on his counter attack. The plague marines in the building fire into the terminators, but the terminators themselves are horrified by one of their number transforming into a Chaos spawn thanks to the gift of chaos. Between the spawn, the attacks of the chaos wizard and the ranged fire reduce the terminators down to a single model, who was able to wound the chaos wizard once.


More re-enforcements arrive for the space marines. A small unit of assault marines jump in along with their dreadnough moving in. Both open up into the chaos nurgle terminators but between the higher toughness and the excellent armour the terminators stand fast. A charge into them results in no losses of the terminators, but all of the assault marines were killed. The librarian is also fighting the terminators and he is able to kill one of them, but it isn't enough. The missile launchers fire into the terminators as well as their supporting marines. The terminators once again weather all the gunfire. The plague marines are also finding their extra toughness is keeping them alive against the space marines, but it is tough going cutting down the space marines themselves. The chaos wizard is able to slay the final terminator he was fighting.


Nurgle is with the chaos forces, as they score enough points to win the game on this turn. The terminator sorcerer moves forward running along side the chaos spawn as they seek fresh targets. The plague marines in the building start to pull out, as they are clearly out of targets themsleves. The chaos terminators will kill off the librarian in close combat and spread out a bit. The chaos forces have scored four points, which is the maximum the space marines would have been able to score off them.


The space marines continue fighting as best they can, moving in the dreadnought to smash the terminators. The scouts arrive but they show up on the wrong edge, instead of allowing the space marines to flank the chaos forces the scouts arrive on the far side of the temple. The two static space marine units continue firing into the closest chaos forces hoping to score some kills, but the termiantors being wounded only on a five and then having a two plus save and then a five plus save keeps them quite safe from bolters. The plague marines have also gone mostly unharmed, as they have similar odds being wounded on five, saving on three plus and then four plus. The dreadnough rushes into the terminators trying to take them down but is only glanced by them and shaken.


The chaos forces will drag down the dreadnought on this turn, getting a number of blows through the armor. The dreadnought explodes but doesn't harm the terminators. The plague marines will with the help of the spawn of chaos get the last of the space marines that were hunting them. The chaos sorcerer will move foward to get the static marines. The plague marines will continue trying to empty out of the building.


The space marine commander will arrive automatically and rush towards the terminators, trying for some revenge at this point. The scouts will attempt to get into a position to cover the space marine retreat. The remaining marines are well aware of the trouble they are in.


The chaos forces will push forward some more... squeezing out the space marines. The space marine captain will die. Gunfire into the space marines will harm them...


In the end Five space marines will survive, and five more scouts live to cover their retreat from the chaos forces who lost about seven troopers.

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Taken on February 20, 2009