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The tomb kings are sticking together as one strong line | by jon_a_ross
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The tomb kings are sticking together as one strong line

A short quick battle between the forces of Prince Tec'lan and the Slaanesh army known as 'The promise keepers.' Both sides have seen battle before, the Tomb Kings in the battle of lost forts and the Return to lost forts. The Slaanesh forces were seen in Scarmic's Folly and Scarmic's foley as well as The devil's hooves and Hooves echo battles. (All six battles played via email against my foe Arthur and having a set named after them)


This battle was to see if the tomb kings would be able to defeat the daemons of Slaanesh in combat. Both sides rushed towards the middle of the battlefield. The tomb kings had first turn and moved carefully, using their magic to get an extra shooting phase for their archers. A single daemonette fell to their actions.


The daemons then advanced onto the field, the masque able to slow the horsemen down with her dance, with the fiends of Slaanesh moving to flank as they have done successfully in other battles.


The tomb king reply was a charge across the line. The chariots smashed into the daemonettes killing five under the wheels, the bone giant would charge the fiends and kill two of them off (after failed leadership for losing combat). The lich priest was out of range to charge and needed his magic to boost the bone giant into the fiends. The horsemen who were slowed by the Masque of Slaanesh were also unable to charge. The battle between the tomb price Tec'lan and the battlestandard waving herald of Slaanesh resulted in the herald dying after denting the chariot of the prince. The other daemonettes were able to wound the chariots enough that two would die after the tomb kings lost combat.


The daemons would then be able to get the second daemonette unit into combat against the chariots, flanking them aided by the Masque of Slaanesh. With all the daemonettes pushing into a single unit the prince was lost. The fiend of Slaanesh against the bone giant was just as lost. After follow ups the lich priest was inches away from the daemonettes, and the Masque of Slaanesh was out in the open.


The Tomb kings see a chance and charge the Masque of slaanesh, slaying her without taking a hit and following up into the daemonettes. The lich priest charges the closest daemonettes themselves, getting locked into a combat that he will eventually lose.


The Bone giant will slowly move to support the lich priest but too late. The daemonettes will be able to overpower the horsemen and the lich priest, causing both to fall. (At this point in the text, after the battle, it occurs to me that the prince didn't get his curse to wound the three units that had attacked him... this would have wounded the daemons ability to push on, at least a little bit)


The daemonettes and the bone giant are the only models left in play, and the bone giant is able to crash into one group of the daemonettes ignoring the effects of the lich priests death. The bone giant was not hurt often by the daemonettes attacks, but the combat resultion going against him pushing his leadership to the test. Eventually he will fall more because the daemonettes were able to save with their ward against his attacks then their own combat threat.

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Taken on February 17, 2009