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Combat results for the leadbelchers vs heavy cavalry | by jon_a_ross
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Combat results for the leadbelchers vs heavy cavalry

The battle has had two units lost in the last turns.

The ogre's had their leader attempt to smash the tomb kings heavy cavalry that charged him. He succeeded in smashing that champ to pieces, but still lost the battle. He and his unit fled and the lich priest let them go, not wanting to be smashed himself.


The leader, in his panic, broke the unit of bulls as well, both heading straight for the old empire fort and destruction.


The tomb kings, flush with their victory, attempt to have Prince Tec'lan's chariots charge the leadbelchers using magic, only to be foiled by cruel fate.


The lich priest was able to send a unit of heavy cavalry against the leadbelchers. The cavalry was able to finish off a wounded leachbelcher... only to be completely wiped out by the counter attacks and combat results.


The bulls that broke recovered in time to stop, but the ogre leader, a wall crusher by big name smashed into the fort wall and his unit counts as destroyed.

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Taken on February 1, 2009