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Plasma Mining Co.

A collection of screenshots from the plasma project in Second Life. The place and all art will be deleted on Dec 01, 2008, it is too expensive to pay the Linden Labs' fees to keep it open for public. Its a shame, so many great non-commercial places like this are dying in the moment. They attract users, they are the content. Without such content Second Life is an empty bubble.


The Plasma City project is sponsored by Rezzable. On "The Rock" we have established a community of miners, fugitives, and space scum also known as "The Plasma Space Crew." Our team includes:


Cube Republic - Structures, scenery

Glyph Graves - Structures, sculpties, sound

Judi Newall - PR, publicity

Kitsune Kyomoon - Project coordinator

Lorin Tone - Sound guru, structures, scenery

Madcow Cosmos - Structures, scenery, av's

Photon Pink - Sculptie guru, scenery

Seifert Surface - Structures, space consultant

Miki Gymnast - Scripting, structures, scenery

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Taken on November 30, 2008