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Fontebranda is the 3rd stop of the Itinerary of St. Catherine and provides some of the social and historical context during St. Catherine's life. Because of Siena's location in the dry hills, water was immensely important to survival and prosperity. This fountain, the oldest in Siena, is connected to one of the main aqueducts in Siena and acted as a nerve center for the city. This fountain provided sustenance for the cloth-dyeing business, which St. Catherine's father was a major component in. The water was also used for drinking (humans and animals), washing laundry, and other businesses like the slaughter houses. The importance of this fountain has shaped the area around it. Our walk to school is down Via Fontebranda, the area is called the Fontebranda District and St. Catherine is often called the St. of Fontebranda. 


Kayla Ernewein

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Taken on March 4, 2013