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astrology | by maureen_sill
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talking to jessica on the phone for an hour about different kinds of kisses, our favorite kinds, our least favorite kinds, the silly kinds etc

i say hey you know that pavement song where he says

you kiss like a rock but you know i need it anyway

i love those lyrics

she says yeah, yeah.

in the library, she plops down in the astrology section to do a little reading for the day

can't check out any books because you have over twenty dollars in fines

i owe 55 cents currently

you say, smell this book so i do, it smells old and new at the very same time, like a brand new book from 20 years ago that has never been read

you read a book about palm reading, i sack up with a "dream interpretation dictionary" which is hilarious and ridiculous

but i get creeped out about how accurate the dictionary is at what my dreams mean if they even mean anything at all

about my re-occuring dream where i smash broken glass from a car windshield in a night time alley, over and over again until the glass becomes glitter and my hands are bloody mixed in with it and i'm all alone

that is the worst dream ever that i never want to have again

i don't believe in this kind of thing but you do and it makes me happy that you do, i like to sit and experience it with you and give it a chance even though i know in my head that i'm not buying it really, it's just something to think about for a little bit

but it is creepy sometimes how it matches up, how sometimes you read my hand lines and tell me stuff about my life that i've never told you before


you are crafty, jessica becker

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Taken on June 9, 2008