• Mizuno Trail Shoes w/ REI Desert gators.
  • Patagonia Ultra Shorts
  • 2 Racing Jerseys. 1 to race in, 1 to sleep in.
  • Deleted from my pack. Did not use.

    Packable Desert Pants
  • 4 pairs of Injinji crew socks
  • Mont Bell Thermawrap Jacket (added at the last minute based on colder weather forecast in the desert at night)
  • Capaline bottoms
  • Patagonia Houdini:registered: Full-Zip Jacket
  • 1pr Exofficio Boxer-Briefs (the best underwear in the world!!)
  • Sleep System- Thermarest Prolite and Mont Bell 40 degree down bag (a colder bag combined with the Mont Bell jacket brings this down to a 25 degree system)
  • Deleted eggs from pack. Made me sick. Stick to ramon and oatmeal.

    7 days of food w/ a required minimum of 2000 cal/day. Primary cal. are by PureSport with additional cal. by eggs, Stinger Bars, rammon, oatmeal, Sport Beans, Power Bars.
  • Raidlight pack (30L) with additional front pack for weight distribution (5L)
  • Cook Kit: Salt, spork, packets (from fast food) of pepper and sugar, iced tea mix, liquid Dr. Brommers soap and have added Olive Oil.
  • Personal Kit: toothpaste & brush, sunscreen/bug spray combo, hand sanitizer, nose drops, eye drops, floss, deodorant, ear plugs, mini-towels
  • Survival Kit: rope (for replacing laces), super glue (for stitches), survival mirror, repair kit, flint, compass, extra bungee cord
  • Survival Blanket/Bivy
  • Deleted 2 packs from here. I like the instant towels better!

    4 mini-packs of wet wipes
  • I brought extra and was VERY popular. Great (and light) way to make friends. Toilet paper
  • Glee Gum (best gum ever!!), fizzy drink, ginger chews (for upset stomach)
  • Switching to a combination of PureSport and Nuun. I like Zenergize but PureSport is a great sponsor and Nuun has a couple of extra flavors to add to the mix.

    Zenergize Electrolytes
  • First Aid Pack: scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, alcohol pads, moleskin, blister pads
  • Band aids: all sizes
  • Deleted from pack. We had 4 doctors on the course who took fantastic care of us.

    Celox: stops bleeding fast
  • Deleting foot powder and iodine.

    Foot powder, iodine, neosporin, Hyropel
  • Deleting duct tape.

    Tape: athletic, duct, stretch wrap, cling wrap. First aid kit bag
  • water bottles. I like these over bladder systems because I can see how much water I have.
  • Mt Bike Gloves. Wear most of the time. Keeps my hands from drying out in the desert sun. Soaked them in water and they aid in cooling you down.
  • Deleting from pack.

    Emergency knee brace
  • Adding Tylenol. Can not take Advil during race because of potential kidney damage.

    Advil, pepto, vitamins, sudafed, benadryl
  • Headsweat hat. My favorite!
  • 2 Buffs. One for sleeping in and one for running in.
  • Headsweat fleece hat
  • Tissue and toilet paper for Front Pack
  • Deleting from pack and using my Buff instead.

    Bandanna for wiping nose
  • Microfiber cloth with English/Spanish language translations on it. Made by SnipPrint (my company)
  • Rudy Project Sun Glasses with extra red lens. Best sunglasses made!
  • Nite Ize nylon carabiner and hat leash
  • Deleting the Tactikka and adding another Petzl e+LITE:registered:.

    Petzl TACTIKKA:registered: XP ADAPT:registered: headlamp with a Petzl e+LITE:registered: backup.
  • Deleting notebook and just bringing pages.

    Moleskin notebook, sharpie, and black pen.
  • Luminox Navy Seal watch. The best watches for adventure lifestyles!!
  • Pentex W60 waterproof 10MP camera
  • Switching to the 310.

    Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS. Keeps me on pace.
  • iPod Nano
  • Spot Satellite/GPS Tracker. Reports my position every 10 min. to a online map. Allows me to share my adventures in real time with friends and family. Also reports my exact position to search and rescue in case of an emergency. Well worth the $ and weight.
  • Deleted from pack.

    Front Pack duct tape for fixing feet
  • Did not take this knife. To cheap. Utilized a SOG.
  • Lip Balm
  • Instant Towels
  • Nite Ize red flashing light. Keeps me safe at night.
  • Deleting from pack.

    Solio solar charger for re-powering my iPod and GPS.
  • Adding more lith. batteries and the Enegizer rechager worked like a charm!

    Extra batteries, cables, and chargers
  • Front Pack extra gum and medications
  • My Sanuk Hemp Sidewalk Surfer's. These are the only "shoes" (I call them sandals) that I will wear other than my running shoes. They are critical for the health of my feet! They help me build up the muscles in my feet that aids in injury prevention. They are also EXTREMELY comfortable.

2009 Atacama Crossing Pack

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What does it take to run 155 miles across the Atacama Desert in Chile, self supported with only water and a tent being provided to you?

The above gear weighs 24lbs (with out water in the bottles).

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  1. kburki 71 months ago | reply

    wow. an amazing setup there. nice illustration.

  2. scubachicken 32 months ago | reply

    You could easily shave off a few extra pounds there. Lots of extras stuff!

  3. tlott07 29 months ago | reply

    My name is Tom, I am a retired Army Bomb Tech and have decided to get myself back in shape and do the 2014 Atacama Crossing (wife says its midlife crisis but supports it). I really appreciate the pack layout. Is it up to date since your race? Any tips? I am in research mode and have started the looking at my gear. The pack you chose is the exact one I was looking at? How did it do? -Tom

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