! God Bless America !

Photography by Brett Marty of BrettMarty.com


I pulled this picture off of fivethirtyeight.com because it made me laugh in a fit of anger. This guy is amazing, but his punctuation is even more amazing.


For the record, I wouldn't want a baby murderer as president either.

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  • khalid 7y

    Oh man, November 4 can't come soon enough.
  • Layla 7y

    That guy doesn't realize how stupid he looks! Ignorance and prejudice at its best!
  • William Quatman 7y

    Yeah, I´m multi-lingual. Allow me to translate his sign to plain English.
    "Look at me. I´m a moron and anything but Christian. I would prefer a white collar criminal as president over one with an intelligent plan for the nation´s problems"
  • Colourjunkie 7y

    I love this guy.. he's a useful idiot..

    I bet they both know each other.
  • KorliW's 6y

    This guy is awesome.

    Obama is already screwing us
  • William Quatman 6y

    Clearly, KorliW´s and the two guys in the pictures are all on the same level.

    "Obama is already screwing us"
    I´m sure you haven´t a clue how. Just like you haven´t a clue who you support really are, nor what they really stand for. You´re just part of that 20% who never allow the facts, history, logic or reality taint your opinion. You just swallow the propaganda issued to you by the right wing, lock step and follow blindly. Thinking is liberal bias.
  • eric molina 6y

    What, you mean our multi-trillion dollar deficit didn't all accrue over the last 37 days since Obama took office?
  • KorliW's 6y

    Do you have any idea what you just said?

    Facts, history, or logic?
    Why don't you open your blind eyes and allow yourself to see what is really going on.
    You are an ignorant, useless, liberal, blind sided, waste of breath to America.
    Get the crap out of here if you cannot truly support the US and our traditional ways.
  • William Quatman 6y

    Why don´t you present me with some facts, history or logic? I´ll be happy to correct your fallacies. What do you want to know? I´m sure nothing that goes against your right wing loyalty.
    You claim Obama is already screwing us. How? Although I have to admit that after the raping we received for the past 8 years it would be hard to tell if we were being screwed more. Do you have anything more than name calling? McCain nor Palin did. That´s one reason they lost. They never addressed the issues. Since they had no substance that would have been riskier than their swift boat tactics and fear and hate mongering.

    You want to talk about supporting the U.S.? 5 years active U.S. Army, Special Forces, 10 years army national guard, and few years of reserve time enough for you? I never miss an election, make sure I remain well informed, visit or call my congressman and senators routinely to voice my opinion on issues, write editorials, and have called my governor a few times. How about you? Regurgitating deceptive propaganda issued to you by those who champion the treasonous greedy white collar criminals, like a good Brownshirt?

    Traditional ways? You mean blindly supporting those who greedily rob us, or oppose someone on racial grounds?
    You don´t have a clue. Do you? Just like the morons (or morans) in the photos. Blind ignorance with no desire to know the truth. Like i said, thinking is liberal bias.
  • Craig Hudson 6y

    it seems this guy might be right.. is it just me or is Obama wrecking the country faster than anticipated?

    name one Republican that has made a recent racial remark? You can't.. there have been several Dems do it.. yet the Republicans are the racists... Democrats always play the race card.
  • khalid 6y

    CK'sPhoto :


    that's with 8 seconds of google searching.
  • Craig Hudson 6y

    Rush is not a Republican he's a conservative talk show host I'm talking about politicians.. and the song is not bashing him for being black it's talking about how the race card is being played.. he could do no wrong and if he did and you said so it was because you're a racist.
  • aic19902008 6y

    Oh, yeah. Race card. Absolutely exclusive to the democrats.

    Defend and twist its meaning in any which way you wish: Rush's song can easily be interpreted as a play to the race card, to which even the likes of you are well aware.
  • floriegray.com is now at SmugMug 6y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called PERSONAL BEST - Preserving Meaningful Moments, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • Tomas Illusions 6y

    whats more important, human life, or money? Seems the president cares more about the people than the money he is trying to whip out to save us from total econimic slum. Even if you dont like the president, you have to support him and all his actions, we all need to stick together because in the end, it comes down to where you live and how you will take care of the place you call home! America is my home and I can only support those trying to make a better home for themselves and everyone around them. I am racist, I hate those that cause harm to me and my kind but bottom line is; if someone outside the US comes in to try to hurt any of my american brothers and sister, believe you and me, I will be standing next to those I am racist towards to protect my land. We may fight among each other but that is between me and them, get in the way of our battles and we will declare war on you together! Then after its over, go back to fighting. LOL! To go against our leader is to be unAmerican. You dont like it, get the hell out of here, cuz I love it here! and I am American by choice so I take nothing for granted.
  • Jeffrey Conner 3y

    What a dumbass!
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