1.1 Jon the Don's Strongbox
The complete scanned contents of the strong box of my Great Grandfather John Donnelly (1875 to 1928), also known as Jon the Don and, in his own day, as 'Jack'.

The box is a black-iron, rectangular thing, designed to keep its contents safe from all but the most outrageous fortune. It was among the possessions of my later father and, before that, of my mother and grandmother.

The box contains various precious documents and photos Jon the Don decided to keep safe. It was later passed to his eldest child, Bessie Donnelly (later Marsh), my grandmother, who added to its contents.

After Bessie does, the box lay forgotten for some years before being opened and investigated by John Donnelly's granddaughter (Donna Copnall) and great grandson (me).

I've tried to put everything in my best guess of chronological order, with the exception of the unknown photos, which are probably some of the oldest pieces. These I have clumped together.
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