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This is an 8" x 10" piece I painted in between my more complex projects. (Acrylic on canvas)


It was an idea I got while I was being harassed and pulled in 16 directions at once, in other words, I was being "BUGGED"!


I’m pretty sure anyone reading this can relate. It seems no matter how carefully we plan to create stability in our lives, there is constantly something thrown our way to bug us.


I suppose “bugged” is a word that describes the lesser irritations in life, rather than major hardships. However, “Hardships” are indeed like ships that bring many “bugs” to plague us. Obviously, the term “bugged” (is it still considered slang, or is it now an accepted part of formal language?) comes from an allusion to the harassment of insects. Like a swarm of buzzing flies the insignificant details of life swarm us at the most inconvenient times.


At such a time as this, I deserted my post standing guard on reality, and ran away to the shelter of my easel. I scribbled a sketch on a sheet of paper and came up with this simple idea to express my feelings. I then proceeded to paint it.


Note the ‘un-panicked’ face, more or less calmly withstanding the onslaught of these large yellow pests. For what else can we do but face the buggeries of life with a certain calm vexation?


And by the way, if you like this painting, you can send me a offer to buy it here:

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Taken on April 11, 2010