• Crumpler Seven Million Dollar Home
  • Crumpler Six Million Dollar Home
  • Canon 200-DG Digital Gadget Bag
  • Tamrac 602 Expo 2 Shoulder Bag (bought a long time ago with my Nikon N6006 Film SLR)
  • Crumpler Baby Scarer Camera Pouch (for my Lomo LC-A) which is usually hanging on to the side of my 7M Dollar Home Bag
  • Canon Lacquer paint (from Canon) to repair chips in the light grey L series lenses
  • Eclipse Optic Cleaning System and Sensor Swab kit (for 20D)
  • PROMASTER Super Giant Blower (rocket blower type)
  • Giottos Lens Cleaning Kit and a little blower/brush thing.
  • Crumpler John Thursday 50 Pouch (usually attached to my $7M home bag) I usually carry about 8 AA batteries in this for my 580EX Speedlite
  • Fujicolor Superia Film (various ASA ratiings, etc.) for my Lomo LC-A and Nikon 6006 Film SLR
  • Filters Boxes - Most are on the lenses. Most are Hoya Super HMC multicoated UV(0), but also have some polarizer's. Most other filters I would perfer to do in post production in Photoshop.
  • Kodak 120 Film (400TX B/W, and 120NC Color) for my medium format Holga 120CFN camera.
  • Canon USB cable to connect directly to my laptop if needed. Normally I connect my flash cards to a USB2 CF Reader on my Desktop Computer.
  • Canon Remote Switch RS-80N3 for Canon EOS Cameras
  • Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS (image stabilizer) Telephoto Zoom w/ lens hood attached. This lens is amazing and is sharper than Steven Hawking's mind.
  • Lens Case for Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS lens.
  • Holga 120 CFN Medium Format Film Compact Camera, a fun toy camera.
  • Russian Lomo LC-A 35mm film compact camera, fun little camera that you can get amazing results with...
  • Canon Off-Camera Shoe Cord 2 for my 20D to 580EX Speedlite
  • Tamrac N-27 Neoprene Boomerang Strap (in black), it clips on and off my 20D and feels wonderful, I love this strap although I rarely use it.
  • Hama 2 Axis Flash Hot Shoe Bubble Level, attaches to the hot shoe and allows you to level the camera, very handy with shooting portrait or other odd angles with my ballhead.
  • Canon EP-EX15 Eyepiece Extender, great for keeping my greasy nose off my camera screen. Nice since I have glasses...
  • Lexar 80x Professional 2GB Compact Flash Memory Card
  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 MkII Prime Lens, great lens for the money... Everyone should own one, everyone.
  • Canon EF 35mm f/2.0 Prime Lens w/ Canon EW-65II Lens Hood attached. Decent wider angle prime lens. I like it for street photography and other low light work.
  • Lens bag for Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L lens.
  • Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L Zoom Lens w/ lens hood attached. This is what is on my 20D 90% of the time. It's a wonderful general purpose zoom lens. It's only drawback is the weight.
  • Nikon N6006 Film SLR (my first real camera), I shot with this all the time in college and after. It has a 35-80mm Nikkor lens attached with Tiffen UV filter and Circular Polarizer attached with the small HN-2 Lens hood attached.
  • Promaster T1 Max Mini Tripod, which cost like $22 or something, and it's actually really nice for the money. Will hold my 20D with batt grip and 24-70mm lens with no questions asked.
  • Manfrotto 680 Compact Monopod nice for when using the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS telephoto lens. That gets a bit heavy after say 5 minutes.
  • SunPak 8001 UT Tripod, a testament to 'you get what you pay for' for small/compact camera's it's okay, for larger cameras not so much. It also isn't super sturdy (suprise).
  • Manfrotto 322RC2 Ball Head for Tripod, this tripod head rocks, I love it.
  • Manfrotto 3021BPRO Tripod Stand w/ Manfrotto 3044 Tripod Carrying Strap.

    This tripod is great, and with the PRO version allowing me to horizontal move the tripod head I can use this tripod to setup any shot I can think of... Really nice tripod, not ultra light but not crazy heavy either...
  • Two Canon BP-511A batteries for my Canon 20D camera. With these both fully charged I can shoot all day long without worrying about running out of battery life.
  • Canon BP-511A Battery Charger, hey it charges the batteries what more can you ask...
  • Canon 580EX Speedlite flash unit, I love this flash it's powerful easy to use and is noticeablely smaller than the older 550EX that proceeded it.

    I have a STO-FEN OmniBounce difuser attached to the unit, which I only use when I can't bounce off of a ceiling/wall/reflector..
  • Photoflex Litedisc 12" Pop up Reflector Kit
  • Lastolite White Balance / 18% Grey Pop up Card
  • Mini Lens cleaning Cloth from Midwest Photo Exchange (local camera shop), which is hooked to the Lastolite Card cover.
  • Cameron 10" Mini relfector disc's, both are two sided (gold/silver and white and mixed gold/silver). Since they don't fold up and can't go in a camera bag they rarely get used... But hey I bought them out of a discount bin for something like $9
  • Canon Battery Grip BG-E2 for the 20D camera. This is great when taking portrait photos, and since it holds two batteries instead of one it's extra cool. The IS in the 70-200 can eat a bit more battery juice than say my 50mm f/1.8 prime.

    ...hey it also looks cool and makes it look beefier.
  • Canon 20D DSLR Camera Body... The heart of my system and what is semi-permanatly attached to my face. While not perfect this camera is amazing and I love it.

    I used to be a total Nikon lover but in the Digital world Canon has won me over, their stuff is amazing and I believe is ahead of everyone
  • Here is where my Canon Powershot S400 Digital ELPH would be with it's extra battery, 512MB SanDisk Ultra card, leather case and charger would be...

    But it's on vacation in Seoul Korea with my good friend Dan Starcher and will be back this weekend. I borrowed my friend Amanda's to take the photo
  • Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic X - Compact Camera. My mother gave me this camera, it was my great grandmothers.
  • Fire hazzard. - G0Da

Old Camera Rig (just getting started...haha)

Newer Older

This is one Stinky Old Photograph: This photo was taken a while back and the amount of camera gear I have has grown by leaps and bounds (not sure yet if this is a good or bad thing). You can see the new gear photo by going here.

Original Desc: Well here it is, my camera gear...all indivudally noted and all strewn out for the world to see. 90% of it was bought in the last 10 months. It all fits in the camera bags at the top and the bags are normally packed to the brim with the gear.

My wife is a very patient and kind soul but I think I'm at the limit for a good long while, when I was arranging this stuff on the bed to take photo of it in our guest room she just about snapped seeing everything laying there. If I buy much else I will probably be justifiably shot, so if I stop suddenly posting to Flickr you'll know I likely got a new piece of gear and was subsequently killed.

I enjoy a number of hobbies (music, cars, cycling, camping, boating, technology and more), but one of the things I like about photography is it's a hobby that can be incorperated into every other hobby and aspect of life. In photography I've found something that I really, really enjoy and is a way I can have a semi-creative outlet for my soul. But as cool as photography is, music is still my main passion and I think that's the way it will always be...

NOTE: This photo made it into Flickr's 'Explore" as one of the top five hundred most interesting photos on a particular day. You can see all of my photo's that have made it into the Flickr Explore pages here.

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  1. Moniker007 [deleted] 66 months ago | reply

    I feel sooo emasculated I have an lx3 and went nuts buying adapters and other crazy stuff to learn proper photography, I thought by bag was so cool for street photogrphy and then I see this manly, man collection of awesomeness gear and I feel like crying inside just a little bit,....sniff I just have to remind myself that we all have to take small steps before we fly.......LOL I really loved your description your wife is very cool to allow you to indulge in your art thank you for sharing and for a great laugh:)


  2. fensterbme 66 months ago | reply

    @Moniker007: While camera gear is fun to look at and buy, it doesn't make one a good photographer.... Many a person on Flickr things that lots of gear equals good photos, yet there are MANY people on Flickr with tons of gear and almost no creative vision or talent.. yet they think if they buy more gear that it will make their photos turn out even better...

    ... use what you have and learn to be creative and use the camera to the best of your and it's ability, you'll be fine. You can do a lot with very little actually...

  3. Kevingeisha07 [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Your world of Cameras and Lenses group, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  4. PhotoJunkee 60 months ago | reply

    You can never have too much photography equipment. :)

  5. killerbee11682 59 months ago | reply

    Holy shit! I need one of those 70-200s

  6. orne designs 57 months ago | reply

    OMG, i want to be fotographer ,and that...is incredible, is freaking awesome ... hope some day i will be like you

  7. the1truePATRIOT [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

    amazing, i hope to get some nice gear i doubt ill ever have as much as you though lol

  8. Evan McGrew [deleted] 43 months ago | reply

    that's a lot of gear! Have you ever heard of F Stop Gear?

  9. susan*r 42 months ago | reply

    Love the little Kodak - I got one too ;O)

  10. wikirichi 39 months ago | reply

    i am inspired
    i decide to eat for a camera bag....

  11. hui2011 38 months ago | reply

    you are a cameraman?

  12. manfrotto tripods 38 months ago | reply

    Very nice!
    Would you consider posting it in our dedicated Discussion Group?


    Thanks a lot.

    Manfrotto Social Media Team

  13. ash;) 34 months ago | reply

    wow...that'd be my dream :-D

  14. zPRIME 26 months ago | reply

    Not impressed. Get a 4x5, noob. :) *poke*

  15. Mick Duck 16 months ago | reply


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    There are two steps to submit to MY PHOTO KIT

    Email info@myphotokit.com a photo showing all of your photography equipment in the one photo. Yes you might have a lot of gear but you are a clever photog and I am sure that you are able to compose and crop it into a single photo
    Answer the following questions and include with the email
    List the gear in the photo and any of your kit you can not fit in the photo

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