Kingston University Foundation Application 2013
I draw inspiration from structural landscapes and compositions. I am keen to find and observe linear elements and qualities, as this creates a clean and distinguishable form. Throughout my A Level in Art & Design, I have been able to analyse different aspects and styles of a variety of artists from across the ages. However, my biggest influence has been of the work by Sigmar Polke, who through the use of visual languages creates compelling pieces, which I attempt to emulate within my own work. I am drawn to his use of mixed media – juxtaposing linear structures with fluid blocks of colour and pattern.
I can adapt to and use various processes, including experimenting with different mediums, which results in dynamic mixed media compositions and subsequently creating a personal and thoughtful response to a brief.
I would describe myself as a conscientious and confident independent worker; I am able to research context and artist references and experiment with processes fluently. However, this does not hinder my ability to work in a group of people; working in a team allows the sharing of influences and learning how different people work, which will prove invaluable when working in an employment environment.
For the “10 Things I Like” section of my Flickr Set, I decided the focus of my subject matter should be personal. The photographs I have taken illustrate the recurring theme of compositions in groups of three in Kensington and Chelsea, due to the fact of me being a triplet, and having been born in Chelsea. I focused mainly on structural buildings, but did revel in the spontaneity and chance of some of the compositions.
In the future, I would like to focus my studies on an area of design in which I can best use my focus of detail and enjoyment of different styles. The Kingston Foundation course will allow me to experiment and discover a suitable pathway in which I can thrive.
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