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Barack Obama: A mosaic of people | by tsevis
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Barack Obama: A mosaic of people

Some politics first:

Even if I don't believe in easy and generic definitions, I could describe my political views as libertarian. I am usualy standing for liberty and freedom, economical and social.

I m sympathising the west democratic culture and I would like to see it succeed.

I used to be very political active once. It was when I was younger and I thouht that a political theory could change the world.

Growing older I realize that ideologies alone cannot improve people's lives. In any ideology or political theory there are pros and cons. And at the end of the day, even if quite all political ideologies are supose to be there to help people and human societies, none can make it without the right people. By people I mean leaders and society. A leader alone cannot make anything good if his people don't want and/or don't know how to face progress. And societies need leader to be the symbol of their will and their hopes.

I think that any mature person could easily accept that the above are common sense.

So, it makes common sense to me to support Barack Obama to be the next president of the United States. He might not be the ideal candidate for a libertarian, but he seems the right guy to give a new perspective to the western democratic system.


I am not an american citizen and I cannot vote for him. But as someone who likes the ideal of the american dream, who sees the values of the western civilization being fought (and sometimes not unfairly) by so many people in all over the world, I created this as a personal contribution to the ideals I still believe:

A mosaic portrait of Barack Obama made out of people who support him.

A mosaic of people of any race, religion, nationality and culture.

A mosaic of unity.


About the image:

This mosaic is made with Synthetik Studio Artist, Adobe Photoshop and Apple QuickTime Pro. I have used custom developed scripts and techniques (There are some description of these techniques in many of my images in this photostream.)

All images used are from BarackObamaDotCom Flickr photostream and from some other Obama supporters. All images are licenced under the Creative Commons scheme (If - by mistake - I have used any copyrighted photo, please send me a message. If anyone doesn't want to be part of this mosaic, please ask me to take your face away from this mosaic)

This image is also licenced under the Creative Commons scheme. You can download it, print it, use it in your own designs, but you have to credit me and you re not allowed to use it in any commercial work.

Please, don't use it to express hate, racism or anything negative.



I would like to thank my friend and partner at Tsevis Visual Design, Aris Sakkas, who helped me with the preparation of the tiles. I also like to thank my wife Eva for her suggestions and her continuous support.

Last but not least I am thanking all the Obama supporters who contributed these beautiful photos.


YES, we can!

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Taken on February 20, 2008