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Member: Frank James Ryan Jr.


Comment: Wooooooooooosh! I take it you and someone else are not going to be in each others wills any time in the near or distant future, so it would seem!

My friend, i have read many of your works before this recent battle of wits...You are inventive and innovative....your structure is clean, and (its just my opinion, you see & i could be wrong, as i have many a time & and will be many more times) but, i personally would like to see the pre-battle Firoze on-line....not to imply that this is non-creative parlance....It's just that, it might be time to move on to more productive work....Either way, you know i'll always read you....




You are so naive

you are honest

you are so so frank

But will my life become peaceful

If on your advice and words I bank

The day Hubcap came into my life

My Titanic sank

But I keep rising my head

Out of waters ready to

Fight Hubcap Allen James Shithead

With my water tank

This preposterously venomous

Vituperative crank

Whose limericks on my poetic ass

Draws a blank

If he sells them

he wont even get a Rwandan Franc

product of his horny mind that

breeds in a common toilet septic tank

his minscule manhood

that Gangubai the Gonorrheal Whore

in the Mumbai cages did yank

the flucker owes her for the last fluck

sordid memories on a choked river bank

I respect you but to your kind advice I say No Thanks

As Hubcap series of poems my mind wanks

And the pedestrian poet in me AJS ‘s ass spanks


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Uploaded on September 11, 2007