Mexico - Alcatraz

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    1. aka Quique 95 months ago | reply

      que buena foto amigo. ya tenemos mas de un año en esto de la fotografia y en esta se notan los resultados. esta donde la tomaste?

    2. McMexicano  95 months ago | reply

      preciosa en verdad...

      saludos, gracias por la visita...

    3. Lunalunita 95 months ago | reply

      La flor de Diego Rivera .... ;o)

    4. ~*Bomba Rosa*~ 93 months ago | reply

      Qué suave se ve

    5. James Bones 91 months ago | reply

      Buena foto Poly !!! Que buena textura has logrado captar, el aterciopelado encanto de Alcatraz Blanco (Zantedechia Aethiopica) y su pistilo lleno de polen... sobre ese fondo verde... Excelente! Muy buena composicion y toma... Abrazos !

      Del grupo 50mm de Pozo Técnico, un pozolero que escucha 50mm.

    6. Roberto Jimenez 91 months ago | reply

      Me encanta el contraste que hay en la fotografía. ¿Qué tal se vería en B/N?. Felicidades.
      Del grupo 50mm de Pozo Técnico, un pozolero que escucha 50mm.

    7. Art Rock (Hennie) 91 months ago | reply

      Well framed with the leaves around the flower., providing a nice contrast. Good shot.

    8. Avi.. [deleted] 91 months ago | reply

      Amazing flower. Never seen anything like it before. I feel it's a little underexposed but a nice shot nevertheless

    9. thefirstclick 91 months ago | reply

      Es increible el color blanco cuando no es sobre-exposicion, ojala que en un tiempo tome fotos como esta tuya. Muchas felicidades.
      El contraste del blanco con el verde obscuro es padre.

    10. James Wheeler Photography 91 months ago | reply

      I do like how the foliage underneath the flower supply this dark and richly coloured bed. The contrast supplied is also fantastic and the shot definately has a unique composition for me.

      I think the flower itself has exposure issues - some of the highlights seem blown and some of the darker sections look a bit dark.

      The focus doesn't seem to be spot on and it appears that either I am seeing jpg compression issues or you have over sharpened as some of the green leaves have artefacts around their edges

    11. peet-astn 91 months ago | reply

      the light and shade on the leaves and flower are interesting, but it all seems a bit flat. Nicely composed.

    12. TheRevSteve 91 months ago | reply

      The contrast between the dark leaves and pale flower works very well, and the delicate colours in the *insert technical flower part name* in the centre are good :-) The composition is good, too. For me, the only thing that detracts from this shot is the website address in the lower left !

    13. Matzepeng 91 months ago | reply

      I like the leaves as they have a vry special effect and also the center position of the flower. The next time I would also exclude the URL.

      Seen next to a fellow photo of Life Thru A Lenz (Comment Group). (?)

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