Sir Raffles

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    This handsome chap was very shy about having his picture taken by me. He is a very large cat. This is him 4 years ago. I think that Martha and Molly would be very impressed by his athletic appearance and magnificent tail. He has been renamed "Sir Ruffles" courtesy of Maria (coldmountainpix13)!

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    1. JK FARMS 75 months ago

      Your photo is Tiggeriffic !
      Thank you for sharing with us !

      Tigger the Gatekeeper's Garden Clubhouse

    2. Supernan 75 months ago

      Raffles looking very majestic here.xx

    3. miss insomnia tulip 75 months ago

      What a stunner - proud puss

    4. jazz&catlover 75 months ago

      Wonderful portrait of Raffles!

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    5. Tigger, Gatekeeper in Heaven 75 months ago

      Ooo, this is very nice!!!
      Your Tigger-i-fic Pictures Make me
      teensy tigger
      Thanks for sharing this in
      Tigger, the Gatekeeper's Garden Clubhouse

    6. Tigger, Gatekeeper in Heaven 75 months ago

      Just lovely!
      This gorgeous cat was seen in

    7. coldmountainpix13 75 months ago

      wow, so majestic! a serious profile of a beautiful cat- i shall Dub him SIR Raffles!!!! lol

    8. gnathalie2 75 months ago

      I agree, majestic perfectly describes you cat!!!

      I Enjoyed This Photo in

    9. Silvia Inacio 75 months ago

      So beautiful, Sir !!! ;o)

    10. Vicki's Pics 75 months ago

      He is picture purr-fect! :)

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    11. SunStones* 75 months ago

      What a handsome boy (all four of my girls would love him!)

    12. katieb50 75 months ago

      I Enjoyed This Photo in


    13. Animal Photo 74 months ago

      Like my Bruc e! hehehe

    14. Matty_P 74 months ago

      that is one proud looking cat....

      (seen in your photostream)

    15. jacqamoe 71 months ago

      Great pose, lovely cat!

      This photo has made it to *Cat Century* - 100+ Views Feline Photography

    16. v1ctory_1s_m1ne 57 months ago

      He's pretty damn handsome for a cat :)

    17. .Cheri.Lynn. 49 months ago

      Your at is gorgeous, do you know his breed?

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