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Nene's tea party 9

What is TAYU?


Originally, the Kyoto Tayu were the collapse of aristocratic women. They became professional to show elegant dance and poetry and provide sophisticated conversation at salon in Kyoto. Their status was as high as Daimyo. Also they could visit the palace of emperor. They had been respected, but they had no power and their status was not guaranteed when the ruler changes.

(the word "tayu" is originally one of the noble rank.)

Later, in the Edo culture, the most beautiful Oiran of Edo had been called Tayu. It meant that they were as beautiful and elegant as Tayu in Kyoto, but they were completely different.

In the late Edo period, many samurai went to Kyoto from all over Japan. Most of them were brutal and didn't know the manner in Kyoto Shimabara. The rule in Hanamachi had been mixed with that in Edo and confused. And the Tayu Kyoto had been treated just like Oiran in Edo. The original Tayu had disappeard once.

Tayu Nowadays, are close to the original Tayu. Most of them are highly educated and master Kadou, Sadou, all of that required as perfect lady. Also they required political and economic insights. They must be able to talk with the king if they wanted. It is necessary to practice for many years. Many girl wants to be Tayu, but there are only six Tayu in the world now.(2010)

In addition, some current Tayu married. Because, Tayu, they provide "芸(gei)", not "色(iro)".


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Taken on October 6, 2007