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C-GDSP Air Canada 767-233ER

This old 767 was built in 1988 so just about 20 years old... and it felt 20 years old... Old styled overhead bins, those outdated seat back telephones I've never ever seen anyone use... old style seats, no IFE, the old style projection screens for movies... even looking out over the wing it looked very worn and used.. I can't wait for the 787s to arrive.... although I doubt I'll choose to fly this carrier again when there are other options like Westjet who ironically seem more like full service airlines now.


Service aboard was scare.. No one told me but we had to pay for everything aboard. meals were $5, $6 to $12 (Subway sandwiches). Pillows, Blankets & peanuts were $2 a piece. Water was free. Flight time 5.1/2 hours. You'd think they'd at least spare us the cost of the peanuts.... My wallet was in the overhead bin and I was by the window... I wasn't going to get up while they are serving to get money... I gave in during the second round before landing though so I'd have something in my stomach. Ten years ago this would have been a lower grade in flight service than Canada 3000's, a deep discount carrier. Flight attendants spent a lot of time apologizing.... most people on the flight were Chinese speaking so hopefully they didn't really sense the "I'll do nothing for you" attitude the airline seems to have adopted..



*Airplanes 101* (See Airplanes 101 Set)

Name: Boeing 767-200, 767-200F

Manufacturer: Boeing (USA) .

Main Role: large capacity medium-very long range mainline jetliner

Basic design: Two engined double ailed wide body mainline jetliner.

Capacity: Roughly 180-255 passengers

Range: 5800km -12200km

First delivery date: 1982

Still in production in 2006: Yes

Easily confused for: the Airbus A300, A310, 777 & other models of the 767

Main identifying points: The tail cone and tail are probably the 767's best identify-er.. the cone is very conical and the tail's baseline sweeps down to meet it whereas most Airbus wide bodies have a relatively horizontal baseline in their tails. Also the 767 has sharper and more defined edges on the tail and cockpit windows than the Airbus rivals. Some aftermarket 767 winglets (like those on the latest 737s) are available but so far are rare sights. The 767-200 is like most shortened or shorter versions of a model very stubby in appearance. This aircraft was tailored to the North American market in a manner the A300/A310 was tailored to the European market so you tend to see US Airlines flying these en mass while the Airbus alternatives are slightly more popular in Europe.

Examples of Main Operators: Continental, American, United, US Airways, Air Canada, and many more. The -200 is less popular than the larger -300 model these days as many airlines are starting to retire them from service.


For more pics of 767 aircraft see the Boeing 767 group here at Flickr.

  • Doug 7y

    hirosan - Your experience with ANA seems pretty good I must say. You didn't specify if you are flying first or business class though. Even on Air Canada those passengers are treated well but in actuality they are paying for that service. I'd love to try flying them someday but they operate on the other side of the world and the odds of me ever boarding one of their planes is slim at best I'm afraid...mind you I have over 200,000 Aeroplan miles which will get me into ANA territory so who knows.

    Have fun in Ottawa... it's a really great city. There are excellent museums, restaurants, cultural events and of course Parliament Hill. There's also a great museum on the Quebec side of the river so you should run over just to say you've been to Quebec too :-). Enjoy yourself.

    sohvimus - Finnair behaves like Air Canada was 3 or 5 years ago. I'd keep an eye on them LOL.. watch out for them quietly dropping services. I don't mind checking in on kiosks or via the Net either to be honest with you. However it's like grocery stores with computerized check out machines where you scan your own groceries... they got me doing their work.. Air Canada now has me doing their employees work and someday those employees will be unemployed. I know things change but no one is paying me to process my ticket, tag my luggage and run it under an x-ray machine. It just makes me scratch my head how we've come to accept these sorts of changes. But hey they got us buying bottled water, something that's available and free and probably safer from every tap in my home. I think we're the idiots sometimes.

    hirosan - That's human nature. People drive cars aggressively because it's one of the few things in life we are in complete control of and where we can anonymously expose what I think are our true personalities. I'd love people to be polite and fall in line but honestly the world would be boring LOL... sometimes a little chaos just shakes things up.

    I'll always remember going to a MacDonald's in Rome a while back... there were no queues.. just everyone shouting at the servers behind the counter who just randomly picked people out they liked.. total disorganization. It was utter madness.. I somehow managed to yell over someone and got an order... but from a country with seemingly no organization and complete chaos even down to the street level comes some of the most beautiful things man has ever seen including cars, clothes, art, sculptures, literature, buildings, glass-work, movie stars and what have you. There's no box to think out of..the chaos forces you to think differently and be innovative.

    My solution for aircraft rudeness is simple... there are 12 doors on a 747... open more than one or two when boarding and deplaning. I never understood why they don't roll up steps to the tow rear doors and let those who want to get out and walk outside to the gate do so to make the whole process faster. Eliminate the funneling of people and you have less frustration and waiting. Otherwise we're standing next to a blocked exit waiting to.....exit. I'm a firm believer in having alternative choices. :-)
  • Ryo Hirosawa 7y

    In my last trip, I did fly in Economy, but they still offer the same service.
    It is obvious that I am one of members of frequent flyer's program but not all receive the same service... they let frequent flyers deal with themselves while assisting for those who need help.

    When I have learned about the series of service ANA has to offer, besides hearing stories from someone in aviation industry... is when I travelled to Canada and United states once in wheelchair and few times with a stick.
    While most staff lookes as if they only do what they are told to do, they give hand to those who really needs assistance, and if I travel in long haul or walk a long way to the gate, I never be told "no" to my request.

    In Tokyo Haneda airport, ramps are capable of connecting to 4 bridges, two from both sides, connected directly to the terminal, but I have never seen that in action, even with passenger-fulll of B747-400D with more than 500 passengers in. In major airports in Japan, widebody aircrafts are usually connect to the two frontmost doors on the left side. I heard some airports open one in front and an another one at the back, but I've never seen two doors connected to the gate anywhere outside Japan. (correct me if I am wrong with this statement)

    Before my health and leg problems, I rush to the gate, trying to squeeze in the queue and rush to get out by choosing the seat as close to the exit door, like most businesspersons do. I've been there and I need no stress to myself anymore...
  • Laura A 7y

    hirosan: I have heard stories about certain nationalities not being able to queue properly. Finns queue nicely. It is true that the plane does not leave before everyone's sat, but at least in Helsinki, they start calling out for passengers after 99% of other passengers have already boarded, so they really are waiting for those few. Sometimes (most times?) of course they are calling out for people who simply are late (due to traffic, on ground or in air).

    I never need to rush to the gate. I'm usually so in time at the airport that I hang around the gate roughly 30 minutes before the time I was told the boarding starts.

    I honestly wouldn't mind that airports would start doing so that the plane was filled last rows first. Though unfortunately, people do say that certain nationalities and some people just would not understand this. With bus gates, this of course would not work properly.

    caribb: I only print out my boarding pass. I still need to drag my suitcase to the desk and have it weighed there. The person behind the desk prints the tag and sets it off to the belt. What I usually do is hang around long enough to see that she (or he) really puts the tag on my suitcase. ;) But it's true, how come have we become to accept this? And I suppose we people have very little we can do to change those things.

    It still bugs me that economy passengers are general treated by airliners as "the compulsory evil" and all the perks and such are reserved for only those who travel in business and first class. Granted, they have paid for some perks (more room and better food), but it does not mean that economy passengers were not people. It does surprise me that the legroom in planes has got smaller at the same time as the average height of people has increased, alongside with having more information about the disadvantages of long time sitting still. It doesn't make sense.
  • Ryo Hirosawa 7y

    > sohvimus
    While most airline companies rather not put some effort on improving boarding procedure, I just love what ANA has made changes recently... the automated gate makes things easier. Since I reside in Japan, I just can tell my experiences from Japan domestic flights, but as long as I found out, the flying experience in Japan is much, much better one than North America.

    Honestly, I have never flown to Europe, except for LHR, so I admit I am a damn ignorant in Europe.
    Finland is one of the places I want to visit while I can :)
  • Doug 7y

    hirosan - I believe that if someone is handicapped in some way or elderly there usually are people who will assist them here in Canada. It's not all heartless here thank God.

    Being a frequent flyer though is pretty much meaningless. There is no special treatment unless you are the highest status. I honestly wonder what benefits these programs really bring. Very little to the flying experience here.

    For multiple gates.. In Amsterdam they have double door loading bridges like you describe. Same in Paris CDG. In Montreal there is one gate designed for the A380 that Air France WAS going to send here so we have one. The airport authority told me once they cost between $500,000 and $1 million a piece and would only install them if an airline agreed to pay for it. So we have the one. Still though 2 out of 12 doors (14 if you count the upper deck) isn't going to thin out the funneling effect really. Airlines do very little to lower the frustration level of the flying public. No meals, narrow aisles, less leg room, one door to exit, $2 for a pillow, do all the work at check-in... honestly they should be paying me to fly them LOL.

    sohvimus - I've had some experiences when airlines give you a colour card and you board when the colour is announced. This way no one knows what part of the plane is boarding and it prevents the rush to the gate tendency we all have. I kinda liked it but I don't see it much.

    I think we've come to accept the loss of all these things we used to demand in the past because we feel hopeless to change anything these days. We succumb to it. 20 years ago people would have laughed at anyone buying bottled water, today we don't think twice about even though in some cases the expensive bottled water comes right from the tap. How stupid can we be? Apparently quite stupid and these companies know it. The politicians have known it even longer.

    Economy passengers are filler really. One full fare premium passenger can represent 10 economy passengers paying a discount fare (I'm guessing). Once first class and or business class is filled up the flight is probably paid for. The economy class cabin then is just gravy... we aren't what they are really looking for unless they are Ryanair, Air Tran or Easyjet. (or Air Canada it would seem LOL). So to make money they offer more to their premium passengers and less to economy class passengers by raising the amount of premium fares and lower the cost of discounted ones.

    hirosan - It is known that Japanese travelers are far more demanding than North American or European travelers. You are much harder to please so that's why you still have a lot of the perks we've lost. We're the idiots really... it's our own fault, we've bought into the lowest air fare concept... mass travel without really understanding that we'd lose good service in the process. But people really want low fares and premium service and that just isn't possible. You pay for what you get. I'm paying less than $800 to go to Europe and I get a seat and a bottle of water. Voila.
  • roxy_sassta 7y

    Do you know if the Continental 767-200 ( economy) has still got the ''old'' projection way or if everyone has their own screen ( which I prefer ) .
    I'm flying next week Wednsday from Germany to New York and it would be nice if you could answer before .
  • Doug 7y

    roxy_sassta - Hi, I did a quick check on abd found this picture below of the cabin on a Continental Airlines 767-200ER and it has the PTV's on the seatbacks..

    I can't say every one of their 767s have it but if it's flying overseas I would bet they do. CO is the top rated carrier between the US and Europe by what I understand. I personally like flying them to the US from Canada too so if they are to compete with European airlines they have to be at par if not better and every indication I read is they are better. So have a good flight :-)
  • roxy_sassta 7y

    Thank you so much ...
    From now on ( only 5 days from my flight ) I can look forward to my flight ;-)
  • Doug 7y

    My pleasure. Have a great trip! Enjoy Germany :-)
  • CX826827 / Martin Canada 7y

    good old times!!!!
  • Todd Wade 7y

    The only winglet I'm aware of on the B-767 is still experimental and awaiting an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate. This has to take place before they can haul paying passengers aboard the aircraft. There is only one aircraft equipped with them. Here's an image of it:
  • YYZ-LHR-SYD 6y

    I'm not going to say it's sad that Air Canada retired its -200 models, I just think it was time for a change. Aircraft like C-GAUB, C-FCAB (Air Canada's first 767), and C-GAUN (the famous Gimly Glider) are all now broken up.
  • Doug 6y

    Martin C -- Canada - Yep, slowly disappearing
    MCbT - They look great on the 767s.. How many does AA have in service with them now?
    YYZ-LHR-SYD - I hate seeing any plane sent to the bone yard.. especially legendary ones like C-GAUN... I wish we had an airliner museum at YUL.
  • sumit_sehgal51 6y

  • Karen 5y

    I wonder if anyone "ever" used those seat back telephones? They have a retro telephone look today :-) I do not know anyone who ever use one, or saw anyone else use them.
  • Doug 5y

    sumit_sehgal51 - ?
    Old Telephones - I wondered the same thing. I think once I took the phone out of it's seat socket just to look at it.. probably was the first time in years it ever left it's position other than for a cleaning. Thinking about it though.. I guess with these you were allowed to make calls in flight unlike our cell phones/mobiles.
  • ptcqfmjqa 3y

  • Johanna Hoffmann 1y

    I once used one of those phones for about 10 minutes and it cost me around $35-40....
  • Doug 1y

    ptcqfmjqa ありがとう!
    Johanna Hoffmann I'm sure. I don't think I ever saw anyone use them, probably for that reason.
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