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Tango A320

Air Canada ran their Tango division for a short while. It was a discount airline with fixed fares that has since disappeared into the Air Canada brand. It now only exists as a fare structure. It had a nice livery though.


*Airlines 101* (See the Set Airliners 101)




Name: (AC) ex-North America

Founded: 2001

Based in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Fleet: A319, 737

Hubs: ex-Toronto, ex-Montreal, ex-Vancouver

Alliance Membership: ex-Star Alliance

Type: AC Tango was a discount division developed by Air Canada to compete with Canada's discount carriers of the moment.

Note: The Tango branding was eliminated in 2004 and turned into a fare structure within Air Canada which still exists today.

  • Nikolai Drjuchin 9y

    Perfect weather. Excellent photo.
  • Doug 9y

    Yeah it was winter then and the snow lightened up the underbelly.
  • N77022 9y

    Just Beautiful!

    Clouds aren't bad either.
  • innusa 9y

    Very nice!!
  • Viktor van den Berg 9y

    Good shot, perfect weather, nice plane!
  • Amiad 9y

    Great bright image – an excellent view of this beautiful plane.
  • jetengine 9y

    cool shot!
  • Doug 9y

    Thanks everyone!
  • Ayat Shariati 9y

    nice one :)
    Is it safe to travel with Tango? That is my first time, I just like to know about it because it has the best price , it is good for a student like me, but I like to know your idea...Thank you for your help andn nice photo :)
  • Doug 9y

    Well Tango as an actual airline no longer exists. When Air Canda came out of bankrupcy protection they folded the brand into the mainline carrier and made it a fare structure instead. So now you can buy Tango fares but fly on actual Air Canada planes. Air Canada is definately a safe airline to fly. Hope that helps.
  • Ayat Shariati 9y

    I see...
    Thank you Caribb! It difinitely helps me! :) thank uuuu
  • Doug 9y

    U'r Welcome!
  • TangoScene 8y

    What a pitty
  • Doug 8y

    No one's really upset about it. Air Canada's fare as as low now. No one lost their job over the switch (I don't think). The only shame is not seeing the actualy tail fins with the purple maple leaf. oh well.
  • 54WilliamGJusto54 (weather enthusiast) 4y

    A cool shot!
  • Doug 4y

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