stealing on flickr continues...

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    There are few pathetic people who steal pictures from others photostream and put it in their photostream.
    My photos have been stolen by one such person! He stole 2 of my photos and posted them in his photostream. I requested him to remove my photos, but that shameless creature still continues to keep it in his stream.

    I hate to see my self potraits on this stream. my pics may not be the best but still they are MINE!!
    Go and check his photostream maybe you'll find another stolen shot!

    Lets make everyone aware of such people, lets block them, let's help knock this crap off!

    on explore : Apr 3, 2007 #221

    UPDATE: Thanks for ur support everyone, that person is inactive now :-)

    freebird (bobinson|ബോബിന്‍സണ്), and 29 other people added this photo to their favorites.

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    1. NilsEndrikat 76 months ago | reply

      How do these picture thiefs profit from it anyways? Flickr should have a "report" function.

    2. Peter Laurent 76 months ago | reply

      Make sure you block anyone suspicius and report them immediatly ..

      Ive found and got nearly 30 banned ... Im a bit of a inquizitor

    3. labanex 75 months ago | reply

      I used your photo for an assignment I had to do at University of Phoenix Online (GEN/105). I gave you full credit and a link to this picture. The school classroom is secured therefore making it impossible to provide a link to my assignment.


      Re: Thread DQ #2 - Week Four
      Posted: 02/13/2008 02:52 PM, by: Antonio Allah ( e-mail address omited )
      StopStealing.jpg (151 KB)
      Plagiarism.jpg (54 KB)

      The Internet as a whole is nothing but a BIG HUGE encyclopedia. My favorites ones, however, are and There are a lot of pictures that can be stolen as well. It is only proper etiquette or netiquette to provide the link back to the photographer like I did below to show where I got the photos from (photos are attached).

      The picture attached is from
      Username: samiksha
      Picture came from

      The second picture attached is from
      Username: unchartedworld
      Picture came from

      Antonio Allah

    4. skablam99 74 months ago | reply

      I just used your great photo for a class assignment on VoiceThread. Thank you so much for putting this under a creative commons license. I'm glad the whole photo stealing thing worked out, too.

      Here’s the link...

      Sorry if it isn't there when you check, I might have to delete it for space (VoiceThread only allows 3 presentations at a time)

      Thanks again!

    5. Saint Robert's Journey 74 months ago | reply

      Those type of people need to get a life. Stealing someone else's photo's doesn't make them a better photographer. It just makes them "loser's" without a life.

    6. gizbot42 73 months ago | reply

      Ah, excellent photo. I used it as well (with a link back to here) at

      Have a great day!

    7. lat454205 / Lisa 73 months ago | reply

      Here is another site who steals photos. I sent a message and asked that my photos be removed. It used to be if you clicked onto any of the three photos you see on the link below ( that are mine that are stolen ) would take you right back to my flickr photos in my photostream. NOW it takes you elsewhere.

      The site is terrible. Someone is profiting and you can....EDIT....the title of the photo....YOUR OWN PHOTO. It stinks:

      These three are my photos and two of them are marked as private....I have no idea how these people who stole them got my photo from a story where the photos are marked as private....

      Has anyone else had trouble with NACHOFOTO ??

    8. ..Rainfall.. 65 months ago | reply

      good think..all information added in that photo..good work

    9. ShawnGrenningerPhoto 65 months ago | reply

      Very Creative. This has just happened to me. A person had posted 4 of my photos on their stream. I was in the process of emailing them when 3 were deleted. One still remains. I then also commented on the photo asking them to remove it. To my disbelief, this person had the nerve to delete my comment, block me from being able to email or comment on anything else & left the photo on their stream. I created a temp flickr account to make 1 last request for them to remove it. People are unbelievable!

    10. Steve Crane 62 months ago | reply

      Thank you for this image. I have used it on my blog post Meme encourages theft.

    11. ! . © Angela Lobefaro . ! 62 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing, very appropriate image for the issue



    12. HighDef_Photo 57 months ago | reply

      How do your photos get stolen? Are they copyright protected? Did you set to only let yourself download your images? Watermarks?
      This is for my info and maybe your own :)

    13. M i x y 55 months ago | reply

      Thankyou for licensing this image. I have used this image in an online presentation for an educational assignment. If you would like to view the use of this image, you can do so @:

    14. TexCalMiPhotog 49 months ago | reply

      A great image. Too bad people think that their images are equivalent to any any image.

    15. dkrktkdkfk [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

      몸이 막 그릇 들리 듯이 들리는 건 몸이 강탈당하는 거죠!
      -that body is upped as muggcup, is the body is stolen

    16. newdaynewlesson 44 months ago | reply

      I used you photo on my blog post and credited you. Hope it's okay. Thanks.

    17. birdy866 42 months ago | reply

      I,m also facing pictures stealing problem. People steal pictures from my blog and post them on their blogs/site. I'm thinking to write a post about it on my blog. May I use this picture on the said post?

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