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Stopping Gravity | by Karney Li
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Stopping Gravity

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This is incredibly difficult to do... even with all the right equipment. Catching drips of coffee is hit and miss even with the D200 and a slew of SB-800 setup in groups. There are so many challenges.


1. Making the coffee... You can't have the grind too coarse such that it flows so quickly you have no time to take the shot. Nor can you have it too fine such that it produces and ugly espresso with ugly colored crema.

2. Focusing on this ball is near impossible because it doesn't exist for the split second and then it does. You can't track it. Macro lenses aren't super fast focusing so that makes life really difficult.

3. SB-800's in all those groups won't recycle fast enough once you've taken one shot.

4. There was next to no ambient light so all the lighting was created by groups of SB-800 strobes.

5. You can only extract the espresso for about 30 seconds, it doesn't give you a lot of time, you got to be fast and lucky.

6. Composition is tricky, space is limited, and even compositions you thought of before the shot is pulled can't easily be reproduced under the pressure of all those aforementioned factors.

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Taken on June 16, 2007