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Hospitaller knight armed with helm, sword, and shield | by One lucky guy
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Hospitaller knight armed with helm, sword, and shield

I am once more interpretting a Hospitaller knight as he may have appeared from approximately 1248 until 1259 AD, this time on a rainy fall day. Again, it is hard to get a decent photograph on a rainy day...


The sleeveless surcoat was allowed by the Pope only after 1248 in place of the monastic robe that the brothers at arms wore over their mail until that time. Even then the surcoat was only to be worn in "dangerous areas" where fighting may occur. This one is made of wool and lined in linen.


The mail coif, knee-length hauberk, and chausses are made of wedge-riveted steel links which technically is not period until about 1300 AD. The shield is of the earlier "heater shield" variety and is made of wood covered with leather with a rawhide rim. It is strapped and padded correctly. The great helm is patterned off those seen in the Maciejowski Bible from about 1250 AD.


The sword is an Oakeshott Type XII that I fashioned from the massive Albion Baron, a type XIIa sword of war. The grip is now 4.5 inches long, the blade is 2 inches wide at the cross and 33 inches long. After a complete regrinding of the blade the sword now weighs 3 pounds 4 ounces. For a single hand sword it is at the upper end the spectrum for size and weight. Some may say it is too big, but I love it. The balance point is 4.75 inches from the cross. It has just the right amount of blade prescence in my opinion to be a tremendous cutter and still feels good in the hand.


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Taken on October 9, 2009