Booga Booga

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    So I finally got a chance to try a real shot.

    My new IR debris detector that I showed in the previous photo worked on a stupid aluminum can, so I decided to risk old creepy here.

    I guess I will just totally rebuild the old IR set-up since I didn't find out what was wrong with it.

    It will be nice to have a spare.

    So, this is a dolls head filled with red gelatin, two arms from another doll glued on top for extra weirdness, being blown up with a fire cracker.


    Booga Booga is from David Steinberg.


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    1. Funkomaticphototron 21 months ago | reply

      Super creepy, but also great. (SAH)

    2. Wolfiesden (Now at 21 months ago | reply

      Well that is about as disturbing as I can think of. Love it!

    3. Sea Moon 21 months ago | reply

      I caught that, the David Steinberg reference :-)

      This is one of those that's creepy both before AND after it gets blowed up reel good...

    4. DollsinDystopia 21 months ago | reply

      This is fully awesome. :o)

    5. legovaughan 21 months ago | reply

      Cannot be unseen! Disturbing capture, that's for sure. =]

    6. carl jones 71 21 months ago | reply

      this is awesome!!!

    7. 21 months ago | reply

      Very creepy! Glad this one went boom! ;-)

    8. laura peta 21 months ago | reply

      this one is freaky ;) I like it.

    9. Switch 625 21 months ago | reply

      Damn!!! It's so crazy.

    10. Miguel_Coelho 21 months ago | reply

      Wow! Really cool! Really scary... :)

    11. sangak 21 months ago | reply

      This is grotesque! In a nice kinda way. Well done.

    12. alan_sailer 21 months ago | reply


      Thanks for the comments. It was great to get the set-up running again and then take a fun picture.

      It's a rare example of a picture that turned out better than I visualized it. The gelatin eruption from the top of the head is in great visual balance with the arms.


    13. barkingduck99 21 months ago | reply

      Yes, creepy.
      So, I imagine you had this thing chilling in your refrigerator for several hours while the gelatin sets? Just wondering if there is anyone else in your household and what their views are regarding your research.
      I try to imagine what my wife would do if she opened the refrigerator and saw this thing staring at her... :)

    14. alan_sailer 21 months ago | reply


      Gelatin, head, refrigerator, yes...

      My wife.

      She kind of gets a kick out of it. She is not a house beautiful, suburban perfection type girl, so my mess in the garage (which does get into the house) doesn't get her goat.

      We are also the couple in the movie theater who are laughing when everyone else is quiet, so....


    15. barkingduck99 21 months ago | reply

      Sounds like a great relationship, keep up the amazing work!

    16. The new layout is horrible says 3PASSA 21 months ago | reply

      Seeing the first shot, I would never have thought of an explosion. Too good, just perfect!

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