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Instant Ex Camera

Another garage sale find for 50 cents.


I was happy with this shot for a stupid reason. (It's not that good.)


But several months ago on a website (Laughing Squid?) there was a picture of an exploding Polaroid camera.


When I first saw it, I was "Wow", what a great high speed job. then I looked closer and realized the whole thing was a CGI job.


It kind of irritated me.


So anyhow, this is what a real exploding Polaroid camera looks like.


I have not been shooting in my garage the last few weeks since I am working on a self contained high speed flash.


The power supply was giving me problems, but I have a working, if not entirely satisfactory, circuit running. I am using a 555 timer powered MOSFET to drive a cheap flyback transformer. I don't like the fact that the resonance of this transformer is low, about 2KHz, so it whines like an angry mosquito.


But it does make 20,000 volts.




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Taken on February 23, 2012