Nuclear Bottle

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    One the second try I got exactly what I wanted (along with the usual surprises).

    The firecracker is inside a plastic test tube mounted into the bottom of the bottle. the tube is painted black to absorb most of the light.

    A wonderful explosion cavity in the water and a shock wave induced cavitation towards the top of the bottle.


    Even the background colors are good.


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    1. stevenbley 27 months ago | reply

      this is incredible.

    2. = Leo = 27 months ago | reply

      Awesome timing. First thing I thought of was a mini nuclear explosion. We got to see an underwater explosion without having to be underwater. Clever.

      The bottle top comes down because the sides go out and may indicate low pressure. That causes gas bubbles to come out of solution. Just a WAG.

    3. 27 months ago | reply

      Interesting! And your timing here is spot on. Did the bottle actually burst this time?

    4. Murat-C 27 months ago | reply

      Very nice try and photo. I've always liked the UW explosions. Maybe I'll try one inside an aquarium. BTW, if it is not a secret how do you ignite the firecracker inside the liquid?

    5. Z!KeepeR 27 months ago | reply

      Wow! That's cool )

    6. carl jones 71 27 months ago | reply

      you nailed it alan exellent job .

    7. alan_sailer 27 months ago | reply


      Thanks. yes this one worked out very well.

      caz, the bottom blew out quite a bit. But the sides stayed intact.

      And Murat-C, it's no secret, I described exactly what I did under the photo.


    8. BlueisCoool 27 months ago | reply

      Very nice work - congrats !

    9. ♫ Lion ♫ 27 months ago | reply


    10. DRW Photos 27 months ago | reply

      Your photos amaze me all the time, good job Sir!

    11. ricardoluise 27 months ago | reply

      That's cool, I just found it because it is on a brazilian web site, and they mention you. Congrats

    12. Aaron.Hinckley 27 months ago | reply

      I've been geeking out looking through your photostream. I'm amazed and inspired by some of your explosive shots. My neighbors are going to hate me soon thanks to you. :-D

    13. alan_sailer 27 months ago | reply


      Good luck have fun and be safe.

      Don't let the apparently peaceful looking aspect of the images deceive you. There are dangers involved.

      You actually can't dodge shrapnel.


    14. mdejarld 27 months ago | reply

      I believe hte bubbles above the blast are from the rapid expansion of hte sides of the bottle. This causes the bottle to decrease in size vertically. This rapid decrease causes some of the area beneath the cap to shoot downwards

    15. alan_sailer 27 months ago | reply


      It's an interesting theory.

      Two arguments against it are that that jet would have to move really fast. Since I have no way of timing it, no data.

      Another is that I have seen similar "magic" bubbles in situations where there was no air pocket nearby.

      Cavitation is like that, it creates bubbles where no air is present.


    16. 25 months ago | reply

      If I remember correctly from my marine mechanics class, Cavitation occurs when the pressure in the water declines to the point that water boils at room temperature. The action can actually etch pits into boat propellers.

      Great photograph!

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