Achoo Pikachu

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    At the end of last Sundays bike ride I ran into a garage sale that had this nice big hard plastic Pikachu.

    Perfect target.

    They wanted 2$, but when I told them I was going to blow it up for a picture, the kid who owned it said alright for one buck.

    I filled it with red gelatine, crossed my fingers and fantastic, it turned out great.

    With the violence of these shots, micro-phonics is a constant problem. I had one shot fail tonight because of it.

    But this one went just fine.


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    1. Grant is a Grant 40 months ago | reply

      This time, you have not just shattered an object. You have shattered the hearts of millions of children.

    2. alan_sailer 40 months ago | reply

      Grant is a Grant,

      And just what have millions of children done for me?

      (Just kidding).


    3. Sea Moon 40 months ago | reply

      Now if you can find a big plastic Barney

    4. alan_sailer 40 months ago | reply

      Sea Moon,

      I'll grab it.

      On my actual want list is a full size Rubics Cube and a Buzz Lightyear.

      Winter is a slow garage sale time.

      But I have patience, I will wait for my little victims....


    5. stevegreen1953 40 months ago | reply

      As always, beautifully captured Alan.

    6. 40 months ago | reply

      Fit to burst... And he has! I wonder if the kid who sold it to you has seen his dollar's worth ;-)

    7. carl jones 71 40 months ago | reply

      exellent work alan.

    8. Jeremy Stockwell 40 months ago | reply

      Nice! I can see why you like this one.

    9. alan_sailer 40 months ago | reply



      You know what I am talking about, when you look at the camera LCD and you say...yes.

      It's a good feeling because you know its just going to get better with a little touch-up.


    10. cur3es! 30 months ago | reply

      these are all brilliant !

    11. JLow1971 29 months ago | reply

      Poor Pikachu LOL.
      Seriously, this is brilliant, well worth your one buck :-)

    12. Duncan _C 2 weeks ago | reply

      +1 for a Barney. Hell, if you promise to blow it up and post it, I'll buy you a barney and send it to you. (My kids went through a Barney phase. I thought he should have been named Smarmy the dinosaur...)

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