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PlayDoh(tm) Spectrum | by alan_sailer
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PlayDoh(tm) Spectrum

So, since my kidlet days, I have arranged colors in the ROYGBIV order. Used to spend hours with my massive crayon set, trying to decide if a certain brown crayon was more red or more blue.


This is not something that I can change as it is encoded in my DNA. This, as well my nurture, has pre-programed me.


So this is why this photo has this spectral progression.


Also, note how the Popsicle stick is bending down under its kinetic obligations.


Shot six of six. The delay was the key.


Also the new pre-focus thingee is giving me a much higher keeper ratio.


Edit : This picture keeps on getting more attention than it deserves. But people want to see a .gif animation. Which I have since learned how to do.


Another Edit : Still getting more attention that it deserves. But that's the internet. The .gif I added with Picasian (damn it's black soul) doesn't work anymore. neither do the couple of hundred other I made.


Also, the pellet is going from left to right. We are not dealing with hollow-point going faster than the speed of sound, so fragmentation is not an issue. Even if it was a supersonic bullet, the red ball would be all blown to flinders as it would be the first ball hit. And thus have the longest time to fall apart.


The exit wound argument is wrong in this case....


So I put one in the comments.


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Taken on October 16, 2009