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Alligator Allegory

A few months ago I got this little puppy at a garage sale. For two bucks.


I've been wanting to shoot something out of his mouth for some time.


The new flash is a little dimmer. I think it might be the new reflector. I bought what I thought was the old style reflector from Home Despot today, but it was not the same thing. I'll return it today and try and get the old model.


These reflectors are nothing special, just recessed lighting stuff.


By the way, the new power supply is so damn crisp, its great. No, none, zero in the way of misfires. Recycle time is about 2 seconds.


Going to have to figure out new challenges in this stuff. The double flash is one new direction.


Bye the way, I realized that I never mentioned that this is a dried alligator head, not a live alligator. I'm not going to ever shot any living animal or insect.


Just fruit, vegetables and non-living stuff.


Even the bacon was a tough call. I eat meat, though, so I couldn't rationalize not shooting bacon.


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Taken on October 10, 2009