BBC HQ Central Square
The Prestigious new home of BBC Wales. The 150,000 sq. ft. building has been constructed and is being fitted out. Staff are being moved into the new BBC Wales headquarters and the move will be complete approx June/July 2020 when broadcasting from this state of the art building will commence.

OK this is a strange place to have a personal moan but what the heck I'm going to have one anyway! I'm self employed.. but my interest in Cardiff developments and all the photos in my photostream and these albums are a labour of love. I love this city and a look at my various websites says that in spades! I applied for a part time position as a tour guide for the new BBC building - I wasn't looking for another job but thought this part time position, and to be able to enthuse about this fine new HQ building was right up my street. As can be seen from this album I've followed the progress of this development from the very beginning. Anyway I didnt get it or even a proper interview.
That concludes my moan!! and yes I still love this development and wish it every success :)
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