So Very Blue. Pentaglottis sempervirens, Evergreen Bugloss or Green Alkanet, The Botanic Garden, Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Even in light rain and drizzle, The Botanic Garden (1846) at Cambridge is a good place for a pleasant walk. Many of the flowers brighten up the green. Among these is delightful Green Alkanet, often considered a weed. Indeed, I think it's more or less a weed in this garden where it crops up in otherwise well-tended flower beds. I prefer the name Evergreen Bugloss because it's easier to understand the 'green'. 'Green', I think, here refers to the fact that our plant is green throughout the year - 'sempervirens' - and not to the color of its flower.

Not long returned from Morocco, I recalled the blue henna body dyes of local custom. Now they're also often affected by tourists. The word 'Alkanet' apparently goes back on the Arabic for 'henna'.

The Blue of this Bugloss is really very vivid. And I hope that by the time I get to London from Cambridge, the skies will have turned this color!

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