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Torn Orange Camouflage. Male Orange Tip, Anthocharis cardamines, on Lady's Smock, Cardamine pratensis, Baggerputten, Slochteren, Groningen, The Netherlands

Well, the morning looked Sunny and as I picked up the 'phone to call my Naturalist Friend he himself was ringing me. We set out but soon the blue was overtaken by clouds and a lot of drizzle and a nasty cold wind. But we persevered; a walk acrosss the northern fens is interesting in any kind of weather.

At the Baggerputten near Slochteren to the east of the City there are large stands of Cardamine pratensis, Lady's Smock or Cuckoo Flower. They're particularly favored by Orange Tip Butterflies, aptly called Anthocharis cardamines.

It was so chilly that they weren't flitting and dancing about but sat quietly, almost frozen to the nicely light pink flowers (called Pinksterbloemen in Dutch as sometimes in English Whitsun Bride).

This is a male; he's clearly distinguished from the females of the kind by his orange-tiipped wings, here folded inward in that 'frozen' state. But there is a glimmer of orange, some of it to be seen through a small tear in his left wing. The females lack those orange tips.

As I looked on, I daydreamed of a boy with a bleeding cut on his knee who hid his head in mother's smock...

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Taken on April 26, 2012