Independence in Chicago: The Heald Square Monument

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    On August 15, 1812, Fort Dearborn, which stood very near this place - its outlines are marked in the pavement - was attacked by the Potawatomi. A massacre ensued in which the commander of the fort, Nathan Heald (1775-1832) and his wife narrowly escaped with their lives; many others died. Wounded, they were ransomed to the British by the natives - it is in the middle of the War of 1812 - and the fort was burned to the ground.
    The pictured monument is called the Heald Square Monument after this Nathan Heald.
    The idea to erect a monument celebrating the nation's history and especially the ideas upon which it is founded was that of Barnet Hodes (1900-1980), a widely-known Chicago lawyer, politician and public figure - a park in Chicago is named after him. He chaired the Patriotic Society, and it was found fitting to honor the Father of the Independent Nation, George Washington, and two financiers who made the War of Independence possible: Robert Morris (1734-1806), the often-called Financier of the Revolution, and Haym Solomon (1740-1785). They flank Washington left and right respectively.
    The monument was designed by the well-known Chicago sculptor and teacher at the Art Institute Lorado Taft (1860-1936), who did not live to see it completed. His work was continued by his students Leonard Crunelle (1872-1944) of French birth, Nellie Verne Walker (1874-1973) and Mary Webster (about whom I know nothing other than her name). It was completed and inaugurated in 1941.
    The inscription on the pedestal derives from George Washington, who took part of it from a letter written by Moses Seixas, the warden of the Hebrew Congregation at Newport, Rhode Island, welcoming the president to that city in 1790. Apposite still for our times, it reads:

    "The government of the United States /
    which gives to bigotry no sanction to persecution /
    no assistance requires only that they who live under /
    its protection should demean themselves as good citizens /
    in giving it in all occasions their effectual support".

    This is one of the most important foundational ideas of the United States as an independent nation and a land of free people.
    In a sense, the backdrop of the statue is symbolic as well. It is formed by the two corncob towers of Marina City. Designed by Bertrand Goldberg in 1951, they are 179 metres tall! Marina City is meant to be "a city within a city", yet independent from it, containing within it "all facilities for living". So to say: its denizens are deemed to be independent and self-sufficient. Metaphors, of course... but still... America in the World in a nutshell, with liberty and justice for all.

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      Great foto!! Great comment!!!

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      Wow AJ what an amazing story and so wonderfully told. So many things I don't know about.

      Perfect Photo!

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      Used to go to the movies at Marina Towers, often... 35/36 years ago...

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    6. Kansas Poetry (Patrick) ages ago | reply

      A beautiful vision Rana, both in the image and in the discussion in the comments.

      The settlement of America and its treatment of various groups of people are very complex. I do believe that we do try to honor the fundamentals on which our nation was formed, but at times the way is clouded. Perfect choices were not always made because there are no perfect people.

      A wonderful bit of history about a war which few of our citizens have any knowledge whatsoever!

      This photo took my BREATH away
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    7. Rana Pipiens ages ago | reply

      Thanks, KansasPhoto, for your uplifting comment in the face of the terrible vein that runs through our history. You are right that no nation can be perfect, but the US is lucky that its founding principles are fair and just, and in general pretty clear. And especially that the rule of law holds: that's why the willful exceptions throughout its history and today glare out so much.

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      Congratulations! A great picture deserves an award, seen on Travel on 5 Photos a Day.

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      Nice shot, and very instructive backstory. Excellent.

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      Beautiful capture !

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      Very sobering and wonderful information. How far we've come from that point in our history. Beautiful.

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    20. Painted Peach 115 months ago | reply

      Thank You! I was born and raised on the South side of Chicago, and to this day I am proud to have been a part of this wonderful city!

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