• Customer: "Do you use 100% fresh Atlantic cod in your fish sandwiches?

    Cashier: "Well, the filets are flash frozen, square, and cost 59 cents. You tell me."

    Customer: "So, is it fresh?

    Cashier: "Yes, the damned thing is fresh!"
  • Are these paper straws? I remember those! - Shani's Stuff

Burger Chef

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Burger Chef Fish Sandwich promotional photo, 1965

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  1. Charm and Poise 93 months ago | reply

    So when you got a fish sandwich, it didn't come wrapped like all the other stuff? Seems like a risky deal.

  2. bayswater97 93 months ago | reply

    What's risky is holding that flimsy paper tray with one hand...especially with those thick shakes!

  3. arts enthusiast 93 months ago | reply

    I love the sign in the background. Do you know if there are any more Burger Chefs?

  4. bayswater97 93 months ago | reply

    Sadly, the Burger Chef chain is gone but I have heard of a few operators who still use the name. The majority of the Burger Chefs here in the southeast were bought by and converted to Hardee's.

  5. Dania Hurley 90 months ago | reply

    We had one in my hometown until the late '70s.

  6. arts enthusiast 90 months ago | reply

    The evil Hardees (I'm joking here) also bought out Dee's fast food in Salt Lake City, and took down all the wonderful neon clown signs.

  7. Splendor and Demise 86 months ago | reply

    I remember Burger Chef now....after probably 35 years! Thank you.

  8. baldpipeguy 77 months ago | reply

    How did they ever find enough creepy, disembodied hands to serve at all their restaurants?

  9. Noel Kerns 55 months ago | reply

    Burger Chef rocked...miss the shakes!

  10. mancinileonard 38 months ago | reply

    Back then they would not make flimsy carton trays. Things were made with quality not cheapened down for profits like todays standards. Soda was sold in bottles not flimsy plastic bottles like today.

  11. Bladensburg-BurgerChefGuy 36 months ago | reply

    As a kid, we used to all go out and collect empty 5 cent return bottle to raise money for BurgerChef. Only 25 cents bought a Funburger with a great toy inside. Hmmmm, "Fun" burger or "Happy" meal. I'm not sure which idea came first--BurgerChef's or McDonald's, but somebody was copying somebody's idea! Its the same thing--a burger and a toy! But, BurgerChef had more class, lol!

  12. Fort Sill Cannoneer 25 months ago | reply

    I worked at a Burger Chef in the mid-1970s. The fish sandwich was known as the Skipper's Treat. There was one regular, a young man, who could never prounounce it. He'd say something like kipper's snick.

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