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    I was up early again this morning. 2am is an inconvenient time of day to be awake; its really too early to get up but you can spend a long time lying around waiting for sleep to take hold of you again.

    As it happened, I had plenty to do because not long after I awoke I heard my favourite band of teenagers walking through the carpark. "There's another bike" I hear one say and sure enough, when I climb out into the cockpit they're gathered around my poor car looking through the canopy windows.

    This time I have a mobile phone (it arrived in the post on Tuesday), so I called the police service desk (between playing for the police pipe band and my status as a crime victim I'm on a first name basis with half the Hobart constabulary). They sent around a car, but by the time it arrived the teenagers had smashed the back window, discovered there was a car alarm installed, and taken off into the bush (empty handed this time). Although we drove around for a half hour or so nothing further was seen of them - I hope for good, but suspect I might have to find some other place to park, store my pushbike and park my dingy while I'm at work. This whole affair has got me thinking that moving to a city (even a small, friendly one like Hobart) was not a very good idea :(

    1. mobology [deleted] 108 months ago | reply

      Take heart.

      I hear they breed other monsters that way also but...... the most important thing is to contrast that with the paper-pushing-politburo which you so desperately needed to escape.

      Where I live the Police seem to take great delight in causing back windows to break WITH the young offender.

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