High Dollar Hash Browns

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    This looks nastier than it really was

    1. misscharo ages ago | reply

      That really looks disgusting. The two "s' letters at the top make me think you were trying to write something about shit with your ketchup bottle.

    2. Runder ages ago | reply

      Those are actually dollar signs.

    3. exase [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I still don't get what the top line says $HO$? I'm so lame.

    4. Runder ages ago | reply


      High Dollar Hot Dogs, the name of our ukulele band. or HDHD for short.

    5. exase [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I'm sorry. I should have figured it out. I thought it was some gangsta thing.

      If you ever write something in my hash browns, just whisper in my ear what it says so we can avoid this. I'm really bad at stuff like that. I thought I saw a license plate that read, "PUBUS" the other day which I thought was the coolest plate ever and then I realized it said "PUPBUS" and it was a pet taxi. I think I'm going to try to get PUBUS when I move to NC.

    6. Runder ages ago | reply

      I wouldn't apologize if I was you. I stared at this for a long time before I figured out what the hell it said, and I saw it in person.

      I'll definitely know how to find you then. Just follow the PUBUS!

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